(PET CARE) LA Galaxy soccer player Robbie Rogers—who also recently came out as first and only openly gay player in Major League Soccer—has recently teamed up with PETA to give helpful suggestions on keeping pets safe during 4th of July. Animals are often terrified by loud fireworks and many end up lost in shelters after attempting to escape the noise. Thankfully the midfielder has some good advice to help reduce your pet’s anxiety during this stressful time. Check out Rogers’ helpful advice in the video below. — Global Animal
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Robbie Rogers gives helpful 4th of July advice. Photo credit: yahoo.com

Ecorazzi, Amanda Just

Independence Day is coming up. Before you kick off your celebration, PETA and LA Galaxy soccer star, Robbie Rogers would like you to take a few extra steps to ensure your pets’ safety.

The Major League Soccer player teamed up with PETA to create a very important PSA that explains the dangers of fireworks for our furry family members. Those “bombs bursting in air” can really frighten animals, causing them to escape their homes and become lost or, worse, injured.

PETA says the best thing for your pets during fireworks is extra TLC.

“…[D]istract your cat or dog by giving him or her lots of love and attention! Play some soothing background music or turn on the TV, close the curtains or blinds, and be sure that all animals are wearing collars with current identification tags and that they are microchipped.”

Check out their video and please share it with friends with companion animals to make sure this 4th of July is a fun day for everyone!

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