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Monthly Archives: July 2013

Scientists Save Bats, And Us

(SCIENCE) A mysterious fungus has been crawling west from New York for a strong seven years now. The fungus attaches itself to it's carrier and makes it's way from cave to cave, eventually killing the animal through starvation. While the cause of the fungus has gone undetectable, scientists have recently identified an important missing link to this disease which leads experts closer to saving a small but vital part of the eco-system, the bat. Continue reading the article below for more scientific details on solving the mystery. — Global Animal

The Someone Project Warns, ‘Think Before You Eat’

(ACTIVISM) Dolphins, dogs, and cats are widely regarded as highly intelligent animals, and garner an abundance of compassion from humans all over the world. However, because other animals don’t have the same luxuries as some of these favored species, the animal-protection and vegan-advocacy organization, Farm Sanctuary, is promoting the intelligence of farm animals, and other animals humans consume on a daily basis. The organization’s campaign, The Someone Project, hopes to encourage people to think about what they’re eating, and aims to start a dialogue about the consumption of sentient beings. Continue reading below to understand The Someone Project’s full goal, and what kind of opposition they’re already facing. — Global Animal

Borneo Orangutans No Longer Hanging Around

(ANIMAL BEHAVIOR) A new study reveals that orangutans in Borneo spend less time swinging in trees and far more time on the ground than previously thought. The study suggests the possibility that a decline in the species habitat has led them to seek homes elsewhere. While more research may be in order to determine the exact cause of the behavior, it is clear the depletion of the orangutans habitat could result in unforeseen consequences. Read on for more details on this hidden camera study of orangutans and sign a petition to help here. — Global Animal

Soldier’s Search & Rescue Mission For Man’s Best Friend

(PETS) Upon returning from his nine-month deployment overseas, Lt. Brandon Harker expected to come home to his yellow Lab, Oakley. But in actuality, his 'friend' who was supposed to be watching Oakley, heartlessly gave the dog away. Now, the soldier is turning to social media for help. Continue reading below to find out what steps Lt. Harker has taken to track Oakley down, and more importantly, what you can do to help. — Global Animal

Owl Gives Eskimo Kisses

(ANIMAL VIDEO) In this too-cute-for-words video, a beautiful mottled owl—a bird breed found throughout Central and South America—gives an extremely lucky man a little eskimo kiss love! — Global Animal

Animals Purr-fur Rooftop Garden Over Shelter Cages

(ANIMAL SHELTERS) Although most shelters work hard to help animals, there's no denying that a steel cage isn't the preferred place for a dog or cat to live. That's why Toronto Humane Society decided to open a rooftop garden with catnip for cats and dogs to play. This ingenious idea not only gives the animals a breather from the cold and clinical shelter environment, but also provides them with much-needed exercise and human interaction, as they are overseen by volunteers. Read on to find out more about this great, innovative idea. — Global Animal

Animal Rights Movement Paves Brighter Future

(ANIMAL RIGHTS) Between the overwhelmingly positive response Blackfish has received, the rising popularity of farm animal rights, and the growing force of animal activists all over the world, there seems to be a brighter future in store for modern-day animals. At the link below, New York Times’ Nicholas D. Kristof paints an optimistic picture—change is coming, albeit slowly. He writes, "We disagree about where to draw the line to protect animal rights, but almost everyone now agrees that there is a line to be drawn." Read the following article for more on Kristof's interesting argument to understand that as long as there are people who care about animals, increasing acceptance of animal rights is inevitable. — Global Animal

SeaWorld Cruelty Caught On Tape (VIDEO)

(SEAWORLD) Following the release of the controversial documentary, Blackfish, SeaWorld is having a pretty rough month with an increasing number of people learning about the horrific realities taking place at the cruel amusement park. And now, a sad, but unfortunately not-so shocking video, taken by a spectator at SeaWorld Florida, is leaving even more people outraged by the marine park's negligence. Carlo De Leonibus, a 33-year-old man, was left speechless after he and his family witnessed a struggling pilot whale stuck at the edge of the pool, unable to return to water. A spokesperson for SeaWorld responded to the allegations claiming the pilot whale was simply ‘having fun.’ But the audience was not amused as they screamed for somebody to help the stranded animal. Read on for more on this disturbing story and see the footage for yourself. — Global Animal

Stair-Surfing Puppy

(ANIMAL VIDEO) The stair slide is this chocolate lab puppy's favorite way of getting down the stairs! — Global Animal

Ultra-Rare Endangered Species Back After Half-Century

(ENDANGERED SPECIES) For the first time in 50 years, two Persian leopard cubs were born in a Russian national park in a major effort to reintroduce the endangered species back to the wild. Once a breed that heavily populated southwest Russia, poaching and habitat lost has landed this big cat on the endangered species list, with only about 1,290 adults left in existence. With the likelihood of a new family of leopards populating the mountains of Russia, this birth certainly provides a small step forward for the endangered species. Read on to learn more about the youngsters and this rehabilitation effort. — Global Animal 

Meet The Neighbors: Leopards Linger In Indian Backyard

(ANIMAL KINGDOM) A new study has uncovered leopards casually coexistingwith humans in an area of western Maharashtra, India. Camera surveys were set up and monitored the activities of several different species of carnivores in close proximity to human dwellings. Before conducting the camera survey, the people living in the area were not even aware of the potentially dangerous animals' presence. Data from the recordings are telling about animal resourcefulness and point out the need for conservation efforts outside of protected areas. Read on to learn more about the peaceful partnership. — Global Animal

New Study Spells Bad News For Bees

(ANIMAL WELFARE) The world’s honeybee population has been taking a drastic hit for a while now, but a new study may have found the source of what is commonly thought of as colony collapse disorder. Scientific journal, PLOS ONE, believes a mixture of pesticides and fungicides are contributing heavily the bee populations’ decline. Continue reading below to find out how researchers came to this conclusion, and what steps beekeepers will be taking in the future to avoid putting the honeybees in harm’s way. — Global Animal

Bottle Nursing Bat Babies

(ANIMAL VIDEO) In this video released by friends of the Australian Bat Clinic, a Bat Clinic worker/fruit bat surrogate mother, Trish Wimberley, cares for a group of adorable, orphan baby fruit bats. — Global Animal

NY Says ‘No (Shark Fin) Soup For You!’

(SHARK FIN SOUP) Due to depleting shark populations and the inhumane nature of shark finning, New York state has passed legislation to ban citizens from trading shark fins starting July 1st, 2014. Home to one of the nation's largest Chinatowns, shark fin soup is an upscale Chinese dish that has been slowly phasing out of restaurants in New York since other states began banning the traditional delicacy. Being the last major market for shark fin in the U.S., this ban will hopefully encourage China to take more serious action to reduce the demand for shark fin. Click the link below for more information regarding this huge win for sharks and how traditional Chinese restaurants plan to deal with this new law. — Global Animal