(OCEANS) A revolutionary partnership has risen to combat the illegal driftnet fishing activities believed to take place in the Mediterranean Sea. Marine conservation organization, The Black Fish, is combining efforts with ShadowView, a tech based organization, to develop drones capable of observing the Mediterranean’s fishing activities. So far, the sum of their labors has been incredibly promising, and hopefully they’ll continue to advance their technologies. Continue reading to uncover the organizations’ motivations behind their innovative enterprise. — Global Animal 
The combined efforts of the organizations hope terminate driftnet fishing, creating a better world for ocean life. Photo Credit: The Daily Catch
The combined efforts of the organizations hope terminate driftnet fishing, creating a better world for ocean life. Photo Credit: Jordi Chias/uwaterphoto.com

 The Black Fish’s Press Release

  • Conservation Organisation deploys unmanned aircraft over Italian ports
  • Blacklisted driftnet ships still found to operate from Italian ports

In the first development of its kind, marine conservation organisation The Black Fish, in cooperation with the tech organisation ShadowView, has launched unmanned aircraft, also known as drones, in search of illegal driftnet fishing in the Mediterranean Sea. The aircraft were launched over ports along the Italian cost in the las two weeks, most notably along the Northern and Eastern coast of Sicily. 

The organisation deployed the new technology in a bid to monitor fishing activity and obtain evidence of illegal driftnets; a harmful practice outlawed by the United Nations in 1992 but still believed to take place widespread. 

Wietse van der Werf, co-founder of The Black Fish: “Our recent port inspections have found multiple blacklisted ships still operating in Italian ports. Fisherman are concealing nets and illegality is difficult to trace but we are determined to locate illegality we believe to be there. The new drone technology is offering us a great advantage by having eyes in the sky.”  

The organisations investigation into illegal fishing in the Mediterranean region will run throughout July. Finding will be reported to the European Commission, which previously initiated international court action, forcing Italy to comply with European Union regulations on driftnet fishing, something which the country failed to do adequately in recent years.   

For more information on the driftnet campaign, please see: www.theblackfish.org/driftnets

And to watch their drones in action watch their vimeo video here: http://vimeo.com/68687329