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NEW YORK — Catskill Animal Sanctuary (CAS) is an animal rescue organization in New York’s Hudson Valley, a 110-acre farm that is home to horses and farm animals who have been victims of neglect or other cruelty.

The team at the sanctuary has rescued over 2,000 animals since opening in January 2001 and has matched many of them with loving homes in the care of compassionate guardians.

The nation’s first elementary school to serve only vegetarian meals, Public School 244 in Queens, New York, recently made a visit to CAS.

“Forty third grade students, plus teachers, parents and even Principal Robert Groff trekked up the Thruway to Catskill Animal Sanctuary to meet new farm animal friends and learn about the importance of a plant-based diet. There were lots of hugs for pigs, sloppy cow kisses and the day ended with delicious treats from our vegan chef Linda Soper Kolton,” said Jennifer Abbots of Catskill Animal Sanctuary.

In addition to providing emergency response and extended refuge for animals who fall victim to neglect or other cruelty, the organization works with law enforcement to help prosecute those responsible.

Founded by writer and activist Kathy Stevens, Catskill Animal Sanctuary’s goal is to educate the public about the institutionalized cruelty that farm animals in the food industry face and promote a lifestyle that is compassionate to all animals. Their programs to inform the community include newsletters, farm tours, “Compassionate Cuisine” vegan cooking classes, and a day camp for kids.

Check out the touching pictures from the students’ visit below.

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