(ACTIVISM) OKLAHOMA CITY — Arbor, the painting rescue dog, is slowly becoming one of the world’s most adored painters. Her most recent painting, Hope Through The Rubble, sold for $1,000, with all the proceeds going to the Central Oklahoma Humane Society. And previously, she has painted in support of abused animals. Not to burst the late Vincent Van Gogh’s bubble, but that number makes Arbor a more successful living artist. Continue reading below, to find out how the painting’s proceeds are helping the victims of the Oklahoma City tornado, and learn who is the new lucky owner of Arbor’s most recent work. — Global Animal

Las Vegas rescue dog, Arbor, paints once again, this time the proceeds will benefit victims of the Oklahoma City tornado. Photo Credit: Facebook
Las Vegas rescue dog, Arbor, paints once again, this time the proceeds will benefit victims of the Oklahoma City tornado. Photo Credit: Facebook

Oklahoma City News, Ted Malave

OKLAHOMA CITY — Rescue dog, turned internationally recognized painter, Arbor the Painting Dog, sold her latest painting, “Hope Through the Rubble,” for $1,000. Arbor won’t be burying any of the money in her backyard, however, as 100% of the net proceeds are going to benefit the Central Oklahoma Humane Society.

The COHS was one of the primary organizations providing care and shelter for pets that were displaced after the devastating May 20th tornado outside of Oklahoma City.

The auction ended Thursday night, receiving 79 bids, with the winning bid going to Michelle Barker of Wichita, KS.

Michelle has ties to Oklahoma and states, “I wanted to take part, in a small way, in the extraordinary generous gesture and gift created by Arbor to help the COHS.”

The artwork will be a birthday gift to her best friend, Shadow, her Labrador/Border Collie mix, who will be 10 years old in July.

This is Arbor’s highest selling painting to date trumping her previous high of $453. Arbor’s parents, Bryce and Jennifer Henderson, of Henderson, NV, have an inquiry in with Guinness World Records to see if this is the highest selling painting, by a dog, ever sold.

The Henderson’s were elated with the final selling price of the painting.

“It’s hard to believe,” said Bryce, “that a little over two years ago Arbor was a stray sitting in a kennel at the county shelter with no home or future. She is a great example of the many wonderful pets you can find at your local shelter and we hope it encourages others to adopt.”

Amy Shrodes, Director of Outreach with the COHS says they already have plans for the donation, “The funds raised will be used to support our Adoption Program, and will help enable us to find loving homes for the homeless dogs and cats from the May 20th tornado.” She adds, “We are so thankful to be selected as the beneficiary of one of Arbor’s masterpieces during our time of need. Our animals consider her a role model for the canine population.”

The painting, entitled “Hope Through the Rubble,” was painted entirely by Arbor as she holds a paintbrush in her mouth. The only assistance she receives is applying paint on the brush and an occasional rotation of the canvas.

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Watch this heartwarming video of Arbor painting “Hope Through the Rubble,” interspersed with pictures of pets found and reunited after the storm: