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An Argentinian footballer was red carded and discharged from the game after viciously hurling a dog in an attempt to remove the animal from the sports field.

During a match in the Tucumán Province against San Juan, a stray dog walked onto the field of play. Bella Vista player Enzo Jose Jimenez then aggressively picked up the dog by his throat and flung the helpless canine directly into a metal fence.

Luckily, the dog was able to get up and ran back onto the field, apparently unscathed. 

San Jose fans were infuriated by this careless act and began throwing objects onto the sports field in protest.

Immediately after, a brawl ensued between the opposing teams. This is when the referee carded Jimenez, and he was removed from the game.

Local media outlets report Bella Vista may have rescinded Jimenez’s contract due to the incident. The community responded swiftly in regard to the athlete’s actions, demonstrating that this type of behavior will not be tolerated.

The brutal act was all caught on tape and can be viewed here (viewer discretion advised).

Jose Jimenez aggressively throws a stray dog. Photo Credit: YouTube
Jimenez aggressively throws a stray dog. Photo Credit: YouTube




  1. I hope bella is ok , yeah what ever your name is how about one on one let s see you will be the first to throw I know ill be winner to get you by the neck and throw you not a fence but down the hill we have in my city.