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Horse Plays Cool At Pool Party

(ANIMAL VIDEO)  The exotic spanish island of Mallorca ("Majorca" for us Anglos) is party central for the who's who of horses. You can't see them, but the paparazzi are hiding in the bush, hoping to catch a glimpse of this bareback beauty. You'd whinny, too, at this invasion of equestrian privacy. Quick, grab your blinders! — Global Animal

Doggy Shopping Cart Adventure

(ANIMAL VIDEO) In quite possibly the cutest beagle video to date, the oh-so adorable Maymo takes his sister on a stroll in a shopping cart. — Global Animal

PETA Puts An End To India’s Animal Testing

(ACTIVISM) INDIA — After a long and grueling campaign, PETA has come through for animals in India. Following in the footsteps of the European Union and Israel, India has become the newest country to ban cosmetic testing on animals. Hopefully this will encourage further countries to follow suit. Read the press release below to find out how PETA plans to further their relationship with India’s government. — Global Animal   

Jaguar Journeys North To Arizona

(WILDLIFE) Watch out Arizona, the jaguars are coming into town. Recent photographs depict one of the big cats wandering around the state’s southern mountain range in an unexpected move from his customary northern Mexican habitat. Naturally, the jaguar’s arrival in the U.S. has prompted a response in favor of preserving the species, but others believe the rare big cat doesn't warrant a state of urgency. Continue reading below to find out what the future holds for the nation's only wild jaguar. — Global Animal

Pug Pup Flirts In Slowmo

(ANIMAL VIDEO) Watch these 30 seconds of cuteness in slow motion and you'll catch this little pug puppy winking at you! — Global Animal

Police Probe Patriot Aaron Hernandez’s Pooch Palace

(CELEBRITY) On Wednesday, Aaron Hernandez was arrested and charged with the first-degree murder of 27-year-old Odin Lloyd, a semi-professional football player who was allegedly dating the sister of Hernandez's fiancée. Lloyd's body was found with multiple gunshot wounds in an industrial park not far from Hernandez's home. The murder took place on June 17, and the former Patriot's house has been searched several times since the incident. On Saturday, June 22, nearly a dozen law enforcement officers and a K-9 unit searched Hernandez's North Attleboro, Mass. home for more than three hours. The police worked tirelessly to leave no stone unturned and even searched a unique structure in the backyard that was apparently a very large dog house. Continue reading for more on Aaron Hernandez and his lavish doggy estate. — Global Animal  

Ugly Animals Need Love Too (VIDEO)

(WILDLIFE) Not all animals are cute, cuddly, or even all that pleasant to look at. Unfortunately, this genetic gap could be responsible for better-looking animals getting more protection than their aesthetically challenged brothers and sisters. We hear a great deal about the plight of the adorable baby seal, but what about all the other animal species who need help but don't necessarily have the movie star looks? Read on to find out what the Ugly Animal Preservation Society is doing to help less fortunate looking species. — Global Animal

Puppy Mill Progress In The Empire State

(ANIMAL POLITICS) Give three barks for New York! On June 21, 2013, the New York State Senate passed S.3753, a bill permitting local governments to take action against puppy mills. Once Governor Cuomo signs the bill into law, local municipalities will be able to regulate pet breeders and pet stores, which will ultimately curb animal abuse and protect consumers. Continue reading for more on the Empire State's puppy mill bill. — Global Animal

Kitty Loves Baby

(ANIMAL VIDEO) This kitty is completely enamored by this adorable baby. Never let go, cuties! — Global Animal

PETA Goes Ape For Lab Chimps

(ANIMAL WELFARE) This week, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) announced their decision to cut funding for most invasive biomedical experiments on chimpanzees as well as grant sanctuary to the majority of federally-owned laboratory chimps. Chimpanzees are highly intelligent creatures who suffer immensely when subjected to unnecessary testing and laboratory imprisonment. PETA is very pleased with this landmark decision but will not be satisfied until the remaining lab chimps are freed. Continue reading for more on this announcement and the effects laboratory testing has on chimpanzees. — Global Animal

Your Donations Give Oklahoma Pets Second Chance

(ACTIVISM) Earlier this month, Global Animal Foundation sent $2,000 to organizations working on the ground in Oklahoma to help animals in need following the devastating May tornadoes. However, while the Oklahoma City Animal Care and Control Center (OKCACC) almost reached capacity after the devastation, many of the animals already in shelters faced risk of euthanasia to make room for pets who had gone missing since the storms. In coordination with Animal Care and Control, volunteers from no-kill shelters across the country personally drove hundreds of miles to take in pets who had already been surrendered to Animal Care & Control, or abandoned, thus freeing up shelter space for displaced pets and giving the pre-existing shelter animals a second chance at life. Read on to see your donations at work. — Global Animal

Drones Developed To Discover Illegal Driftnets

(OCEANS) A revolutionary partnership has risen to combat the illegal driftnet fishing activities believed to take place in the Mediterranean Sea. Marine conservation organization, The Black Fish, is combining efforts with ShadowView, a tech based organization, to develop drones capable of observing the Mediterranean's fishing activities. So far, the sum of their labors has been incredibly promising, and hopefully they’ll continue to advance their technologies. Continue reading to uncover the organizations’ motivations behind their innovative enterprise. — Global Animal

RIP Lucas: Michael Vick’s Former Fighter Euthanized

(RESCUE DOGS) Lucas, a pitbull going through rehabilitation after being used as a top fighter in Michael Vick's infamous dogfighting ring, has sadly passed away. Officials at the Best Friends Animal Society say Lucas, who was said to be a blessing to be around, was euthanized Wednesday due to a blood parasite that is commonly spread through fighting dogs. Read on for more information on Lucas and the positive, loving impact he left with everyone who met him. — Global Animal

Baby Ostrich Vs. Sleep

(ANIMAL VIDEO) Although ostriches don't necessarily make for good pets, this may just be the cutest two minutes of your life. — Global Animal