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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Mama Cat Rescues Her Kitten

(ANIMAL VIDEO) It only takes a couple meows by this kitten to summon her fiercely  protective mom! — Global Animal

U.S. CEO-Hunter Imports Rhino “Trophy”

(ENDANGERED SPECIES) For the first time since 1980, American officials are allowing a hunter to bring a slain African rhino back to the States as a hunting trophy.  David Reinke, the CEO of Liberty Parts Team, reportedly killed a black rhino in 2009 with consent from the Nambian government—which allows five male black rhinos that are too old to reproduce to be shot each year—claiming his kill was an act of "conservation hunting." This self-serving move has angered many within the animal protection and anti-hunting communities, who believe this decision will only further glorify hunting. Read on for more on Reinke's illogical rationalization and what he plans to do with his new "specimen." — Global Animal

Dog Turns Down Kisses

(ANIMAL VIDEO) Not all dogs wanna be smooched. Don't take it personally. — Global Animal

Let Me In The Picture! Hilarious Animal Photobombs (GALLERY)

(ANIMAL PICTURES) It's funny enough when animals photobomb people, but when they do it to each other, even more hilarity ensues. From a cat sneaking into a shot to a goat striking a pose, these animals definitely have a good sense of humor. Check out this hysterical gallery of animals photobombing other animals. — Global Animal

Tramp Stamps Aren’t Meant For Dogs

(ANIMAL CRUELTY) Apparently getting your pet tattooed and pierced is an actual thing now. It's a big enough problem that assembly member Linda Rosenthal is working on implementing legislation that would prevent irresponsible guardians from inflicting such reckless pain on their pets. Linda Rosenthal said, "There are hundreds upon hundreds of Youtube videos and websites that show animals that have studs in their ears, tattoos on their backs, and it's really horrifying...I want to make it a criminal offense." Read on to find out about this cruel phenomenon and other laws that will prevent animal cruelty. — Global Animal

Breakdancing Dog Has Skills

(ANIMAL VIDEO) Alex the Golden Retriever has moves like no other! We couldn't be any more impressed! — Global Animal

Horse Slaughterhouses: A Reality In New Mexico?

(ANIMAL RIGHTS) After over a year of waiting for the Department of Agriculture to approve of its inhumane operation, the dreaded horse slaughterhouse in Roswell, New Mexico will soon be opening its doors. Unless Congress steps in and reinstates the federal ban on the cruel practice which lapsed in 2011, Valley Meat Co. will become the first domestic horse slaughterhouse since 2006. Read on to lean more about the ongoing emotional debate and sign the petition urging the U.S. Agriculture Secretary to stop horse slaughter from resuming. — Global Animal

Something’s Fishy About Kim Kardashian’s Feet

(CELEBRITY NEWS) Aside from her all-too-public (and extremely short-lasting) marriage to Chris Humphries and her Brady Bunch-esque family of celebs, Kim Kardashian is becoming known for her particularly strange beauty regimen. From blood facials to all body laser treatments, Kanye West's counterpart is never too shy about trying any bizarre treatment. But it seems this time, she might have crossed the line. The TV star is filming her reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians in Greece at the moment, and while on a break she decided to pamper herself at the local nail salon with sister Kourtney. Unfortunately instead of a good old mani/pedi, the Kardashian sisters decided to get a fish pedicure. Read on to find out why this practice is not only morally wrong, but also dangerous. — Global Animal

Urban Wildlife “Commuters”

(CULTURE) Everyday, people all over the world use public transportation to get around town, and consequently, animals are adapting to urban life as well. From monkeys to coyotes, many different species are finding their way onto mass transit systems and realizing how convenient public transportation truly is. These animal "commuters" are typically motivated by food and safety which make city living a dream come true. Read on to find out what animals are taking advantage of these public services and how these wildlife "commuters" are changing the meaning of coexistence. — Global Animal

Pug Scolded Into Being Better Dog

(ANIMAL VIDEO) Maybe one day Bandit will learn to not chase cats or lick everything, all the time—at least he can try! — Global Animal

Celebrate National Pet Month!

(PETS) Attention all pets and corresponding companions! May is National Pet Month in the United States, which means it’s time to double all the loving affection you’re giving each other. Originating in England, National Pet Month has existed for more than two decades. Although National Pet Month is celebrated during the month of April in England, both countries promote the same key goals during their celebration. Read on to learn more about this compassionate month and see what you can do to celebrate. — Global Animal 

Rangers Forsake Endangered Rhinos

(POACHING) JOHANNESBURG — Possibly betrayed by the very people sworn to protect them, the last 15 rhinos in Mozambique have met a horrible fate. A group of 30 rangers of the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park are due in court this month to face accusations claiming they aided poachers in search of these rhinos, leading to the slaughter of all 15 animals. The world’s rhino population is a major concern, making this a terrible tragedy for an already troubled species. Continue reading to find out more on what might be a heartbreaking betrayal. — Global Animal  

The Great Ag-Gag Debate (UPDATE)

(FARM) Ag-gag bills that criminalize whistleblowing on factory farms are sweeping the nation. Five states have already implemented these types of laws with many others considering similar legislation. Undercover investigations on farms and slaughterhouses have played a crucial role in exposing animal abuse in the agricultural industry, yet these same investigations have been criticized for manipulating footage ultimately harming farm owners and workers. Read on to learn about the many different points that are being argued for both sides of the ag-gag discussion. — Global Animal

Naki’o, The World’s First Bionic Dog (GALLERY)

(DOG PICTURES) After becoming the first dog to be fitted with a complete set of prosthetic paws that work naturally and allow him to run, jump, and swim, Naki'o has been given a new leash on life. The mixed-breed puppy was abandoned at a foreclosed Nebraska home and was eventually discovered alone in the cellar, with his paws and tail frozen into a puddle of icy water. Fortunately for Naki'o, he met an extremely compassionate veterinarian assistant named Christie Pace of Colorado Springs, Colorado, who was looking to help an animal in need. "I have a soft spot for rescue animals in general. I was looking for something different, unique. I wanted to make more of a difference than a regular dog. I knew I could help him out," she told ABC. Learn more about Naki'o's touching story and take a look at his new kicks in the photo gallery and video below. — Global Animal