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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Michigan Bill Punishes Animal Abusers

(ANIMAL LAWS) A recently proposed Michigan bill has the potential to make nationwide history as it would create the first state registry for convicted animal abusers, much like the Country’s current registry for sex offenders. If legislated, the law would ensure that animals be kept out of the hands of individuals incapable of providing loving care for them. Proving to be a major step forward for animal rights, this bill could strengthen the bonds between pets and their companions. Continue reading below to find out how this bill could change animal's lives, and keep animals far away from abusers. — Global Animal   

Drug-Sniffing Dogs Sniff, Sniff, Pass

(POLICE DOGS) Dusty, a Washington state drug-sniffing dog, won’t nark you out for just a little herb. In November 2012, the state’s laws changed in support of marijuana legalization, and subsequently, the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission began training their canines to ignore the scent of marijuana, and instead focus their efforts on busting those in possession of dangerous narcotics. Continue reading below to find out more on how Washington state law is handling their K-9 units. — Global Animal

Corgi Vs. Spoon

(ANIMAL VIDEO) Watch as yet another Corgi takes on an epic battle with an inanimate object. This time, an 11-week-old Corgi puppy named Scout challenges a silver spoon to the cutest duel of all time! — Global Animal

The Met Gala Goes Green

(GREEN LIVING) This year's Met Gala had a very edgy "Punk: Chaos to Couture" theme, and the stars appropriately donned their studs, black leather, and mohawks for the occasion. Yet, one famous couple decided to make a stand for Mother Nature and themed their evening eco-friendly chic. John Krasinski and Emily Blunt went green for the Gala and definitely made a fashion statement. Krasinski wore a sustainable tuxedo, and Blunt wore a black eco-friendly gown made from recycled fabrics. Read on to find out who designed their environmentally-conscious looks and what Blunt had to say about her designer gown. — Global Animal

Is Cannabis For Canines?

(ANIMAL SCIENCE) California veterinarian Dr. Doug Kramer is among a small number of experts who believe THC can help canines cope with painful conditions when other treatments do not work. During an interview with Vice, he told the magazine that some dogs do not respond to pain killers, antidepressants, and anti-anxiety medicine, and marijuana can be an alternative option for pet guardians. Continue reading for more on this pro-pot doctor and the effects cannabis can have on your canine. — Global Animal

Elk Calf Plays In Puddle

(ANIMAL VIDEO) This baby elk is playing the nature version of the "don't step in the hot lava" game. — Global Animal

How One Rescue Dog Survived Against All Odds (VIDEO)

(GLOBAL ANIMAL)—Arwen, a 10-year-old pit bull mix, was one of 89 dogs rescued from a hoarder in the Mojave Desert. Along with the others she was kept in poor outdoor conditions. During the cold winter season the dogs had no shelter, and barely any food or water. Karma Rescue, who also got other animal organizations involved, stepped in and began their tough work of relocating the dogs to safe homes. But everyone seemed to be especially touched by Arwen, who was so unsocialized and had so little interaction with humans that she had no idea how to respond to them. Arwen had almost no teeth because she chewed on the hoarder's metal fence, and she had a very troubling eye condition brought on by the constant raw exposure to the rough weather. Alex, a volunteer, decided to foster Arwen until her health improved, but very quickly fell head over heels in love with the sweet dog, and decided to permanently adopt her. Read on to find out about Arwen's ordeal and how she's doing now.—Global Animal

China’s New Delicacy: Rat Meat

(ANIMAL NEWS) CHINA — China's had its share of questionable food practices, from infected pigs and ducks to dog meat. But Chinese food safety reached an all time low last week as the Ministry of Public Security revealed a disturbing new practice of traders selling rat meat disguised as lamb. Sixty-three people involved were arrested for “buying fox, mink and rat and other meat products that had not undergone inspection.” The traders would soak the rat meat in gelatin, red pigment, and nitrates in order to wrongly label it as mutton. Thankfully, the Chinese government is trying to focus on improving food safety as the prime minister Li Keqiang has labeled it as a priority. It's encouraging to see the government choosing the policy of transparency and publicly discussing these issues to hopefully bring about a swift resolution. Read on for more on this distasteful news. — Global Animal


Heroic Pit Bull Fends Off Flames

(ANIMAL HEROES) Jackie Bonasera of Long Island, New York, is certainly feeling the love for her pit bull, Cain. Last Friday, Bonasera’s home erupted in flames while she was drying her hair upstairs, when Cain, a usually quiet dog, started barking. His bark prompted Bonasera to investigate downstairs, where she discovered that the area around her garage had gone up in flames. Continue reading to find out more about this heroic pit bull. — Global Animal

Bambi & Dog Play Tag

(ANIMAL VIDEO) Is there anything better than a frolic in a sunny meadow? Not according to this dog and his new best friend, a young fawn. — Global Animal

Illinois Senate Passes Puppy Lemon Law Proposal

(ANIMAL LAWS) The Illinois Senate has just approved what is commonly referred to as a "puppy lemon law." This type of legislation, which has been enacted in at least 20 states, outlines legal remedies for pet guardians who find out their animal was seriously ill at the time of purchase. Under the Illinois proposal, if a claim is successfully made, the pet will either be returned, exchanged, or the guardian will be reimbursed for reasonable veterinary fees. Many are pleased with this new "puppy lemon law" bill, yet the regulation still avoids the root of the problem. If animals are cared for properly, less would be susceptible to serious illnesses, and pet guardians would not have to "remedy" their pet purchases. Continue reading for more on the pros and cons of Illinois' new "puppy lemon law" proposal. — Global Animal

Meat-Free Monday: Cinco De Mayo Style

(VEGAN) Let your Cinco de Mayo celebrations rollover into Monday with this delectable vegan twist on a Mexican classic. The perfect mix of spiced Mexican tempeh, avocado, and a mouth-watering pickled radish slaw will make your Seis de Mayo a day to remember. So throw a party for your taste buds, and try a delicious helping of these vegan tempeh tacos topped with pickled radish slaw today! — Global Animal

Kevin Spacey Honors City Of Boston With New Puppy

(CELEBRITY PETS)  Two-time Oscar winner Kevin Spacey has recently taken on a new role as the parent to an adorable rescue puppy, Boston, who he named in honor of the beloved city. During a recent visit to the Boston Medical Center to show his support for those affected by the recent tragedy, the actor welcomed Boston into his family after meeting with some of North Shore Animal League America's Mutt-i-grees, who are there to help heal the emotional wounds of the victims. Read on for more on the newest addition to his family as well as his special connection to the city of Boston. — Global Animal

Baby Raccoons Play In A Hammock

(ANIMAL VIDEO) These two masked munchkins are snug and happy in their own little hammock. They're just two peas in a pod! — Global Animal