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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Ice, Ice Baby

(ANIMAL VIDEO) This adorable black lab puppy slips and slides around in chase after a delicious summer treat—a single ice cube. Sometimes the best toys are free toys! — Global Animal

Two Tangled Eagles Take To The Tarmac

(SKIES) MINNESOTA — The Duluth International Airport received two unscheduled layovers a few days ago, when a pair of bald eagles crash-landed on to the tarmac. Although fighting for territory is customary among bald eagles, incidents like this are extremely uncommon. The two birds of prey fell to the ground when their talons became intertwined. But fear not, bird lovers—both animals are expected to make a full recovery. Continue reading below to find out how these two birds were saved. — Global Animal

Deadly Amphibian Fungus Plagues Frogs

(ANIMAL SCIENCE) Beware, frogs! The chytrid fungus is out there! The lethal fungus, which seems to only harm amphibians, causes a thickening of the infected creature's skin and hinders the animal's breathing and electrolyte balance. Ultimately, the infection can lead to cardiac arrest and has already caused several Central American frog species to go extinct. One scientist even referred to the destructive fungus as "the single biggest threat to vertebrate diversity in the world." Continue reading for more on the chytrid fungus and the study behind this amphibian epidemic. — Global Animal

The Beatles’ Biggest Fan

(ANIMAL VIDEO) This dog may not want to hold your hand, but he does want to hear your voice. If you're speaking like the Beatles, that is. — Global Animal

Swine Flu Strikes Seals

(ANIMAL SCIENCE) The swine flu virus has been found in elephant seals off the central coast of California, according to a recent study. The research is the first to report the H1N1 virus in marine mammals, which shows influenza viruses can be transferred among species. During the study, scientists encountered two northern elephant seals who were infected, and they discovered an additional 28 seals carrying swine flu antibodies. Keep reading for more information on the highly contagious virus and this enlightening study. — Global Animal

It Takes A Village: Baby Elephant Rescued (VIDEO)

(ANIMAL RESCUE) Indian villagers had to take matters into their own hands after a baby elephant got stuck in a muddy ditch. The female calf was trailing behind her herd when she became trapped. After the calf began to cry, her mother stepped in to try and save her child, but to no avail. That's when the local villagers decided to help out. Read on to learn more about the heartwarming rescue and see the video for yourself. — Global Animal

Paul McCartney Wants A Humane Revolution

(CELEBRITY ACTIVISM) Forget the British Invasion—Sir Paul McCartney hopes to be on the forefront of yet another globe sweeping movement. Ever since the European Union banned cosmetic testing on animals a few months ago, animal rights advocates have wished for the rest of the world to follow in the EU’s footsteps. Together with Cruelty Free International (BUAV), Sir Paul has recently started promoting the worldwide adoption of an animal testing ban. Read on to learn more about this famed animal activist and the BUAV's compassionate efforts. — Global Animal 

10 Best Wildlife Travel Adventures

(WILDLIFE) Whether you are deep in the outback or on the shore of a coastal cay, every destination is an exciting wildlife adventure waiting to be explored. Many organizations, including PlanetWildlife, help travelers plan the perfect animal adventure where a close encounter with incredible creatures is almost guaranteed. PlanetWildlife has just teamed up with the wildlife charity RIGHT-tourism to educate tourists about responsible travel and the fair treatment of animals. Make sure to check out their websites before traveling to your desired destination, and read on for the top 10 best wildlife travel adventures in the world. — Global Animal

Chickens are not the only animals who could possibly predict earthquakes. Photo Credit: U.S. Department of Agriculture

Museum “Un-Coops” Chicken

(FARM ANIMALS) LOS ANGELES – The National Museum of Animals & Society (NMAS) has just launched an online exhibit entitled “Un-Cooped: Deconstructing the Domesticated Chicken." The one-of-a-kind display, which features a variety of media from 16 artists, challenges the way people perceive the often overlooked chicken. "Un-Cooped" sheds light on how poorly chickens are treated and introduces them as unique individuals. Continue reading for more on the domesticated fowl of the hour and this groundbreaking exhibit. — Global Animal

Baby Seal Rides Turtle

(ANIMAL VIDEO) This playful baby seal decided to hitch a ride from a rather grumpy tortoise (who can blame him?). Check out this odd couple on a beach in the Galapagos. — Global Animal

Gatsby Gets Millions To Save Wildlife

(CELEBRITY ACTIVISM) The Great Gatsby star Leonardo DiCaprio is saving the wildlife, one celebrity donation at a time. The famed actor hosted the 11th hour auction in New York on May 13, raising $38.8 million for his charity, The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation. The foundation will use the funds raised during the art auction to protect endangered species as well as the various wild lands they inhabit. The best selling piece of the nigh, an oil painting created by Mark Grotjahn, sold for $6.5 million—an auction record for the artist. Continue reading below for more information on the compassionate auction. — Global Animal

The Great Catsby Is The Cat’s Meow (GALLERY)

(CAT PICTURES) Haven't got the chance to see Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby in theaters just yet? How about The Great Catsby? No need to wait any longer—just take a look at this purrfect feline cast in the photos below, courtesy of Buzzfeed. We promise this ending won't be nearly as catastrophic. — Global Animal

From Kitty With Love: The CIA’s Spy Creation

(ANIMAL SCIENCE) In the 1960s, the CIA attempted to turn a cat into a spy during an effort entitled, “Operation Acoustic Kitty.” The agency attempted to turn the feline into a CIA agent by implanting a microphone, small radio transmitter, and a thin wire antenna into the cat during a risky surgery. The cat survived and was sent to a park to observe a conversation between two people on a bench. Unfortunately, the cat was hit by a taxi and did not survive the actual mission. While there are definitely some questions of animal cruelty within the discussion, it is quite interesting to learn about animals embarking on top-secret missions. Continue reading below to discover more about these animal spies. — Global Animal

20,000 Bees Safely Evacuated From Tree

(ANIMAL RESCUE) Last week in England, a tree surgeon named John Joinson was sent to the village of Childer Thornton to remove a tree that was in danger of falling into the road. When Joinson arrived at the tree, he discovered that a large colony of bees was living in it. Rather than resorting to the easier maneuver of spraying and killing them, Joinson phoned a beekeeper for help and managed to drive 20,000 bees out of the hive and into a box before cutting down the tree. Continue reading for more on the miraculous rescue mission. — Global Animal