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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Dog Steals Blanket Off Cat’s Back

(ANIMAL VIDEO) This drama proves that the only thing worse than a blanket hog is a blanket dog. The couch may be communal, but when it comes to the only blanket, it's every animal for himself. Shameless! — Global Animal

Sea Shepherd’s ‘Relentless’ Campaign (VIDEO)

(ANIMAL ACTIVISM) Sea Shepherd introduced the world to their 10th Antarctic whale defense campaign, Operation Relentless, via YouTube this month. The new operation is coming off the back of Sea Shepherd's most successful campaign to date, Operation Zero Tolerance, which saved the lives of 932 whales. The campaign name is influenced by Japan's claim that their attempt to kill whales in the Antarctic was rejected due to 'relentless interference' by Sea Shepherd. Read on for more information regarding Sea Shepherd's newest pursuit to bring peace to at-risk whales. — Global Animal

China Can No Longer Bear The Bile Industry

(ACTIVISM) CHINA — Animal rights activists in China have recently banned together to stop local company Guizhentang Pharmaceutical from making their stock public. The company is China’s principal source of bear bile, an ingredient in a variety of elixirs thought to cure everything from gallstones to hangovers. Supporters of animal rights are justifiably outraged over the treatment of the bears, and quality the animals’ living conditions. Many citizens already believe the bile infused elixirs to be hokey, however the Chinese government shows no signs of quitting the inhuman process of bile extraction. Continue reading below, to find out the horrible details of bear bile extraction and what activists in China are doing to stop this terrible practice. — Global Animal

How To Do Yoga With Cats

(ANIMAL VIDEO) Watch to see how you and your kitty can become Yogis in no time! Namaste. — Global Animal

Navy Dolphin Uncovers Seafloor Secrets

(OCEANS) One of the Navy's specially trained Atlantic bottlenose dolphins recently came across an 130-year-old torpedo on the seafloor. Dolphins are naturally endowed with the most superior sonar known to man and thus, can detect mines and other objects acoustically difficult to find underwater. The museum-worthy torpedo is, in fact, one of the first self-propelled torpedoes used by the U.S. Navy, and only 50 of its kind were ever manufactured. Read on to learn more about the echolocation of dolphins and the antique torpedo. — Global Animal

Vampire Dog Won’t Enter Without Invite

(ANIMAL VIDEO) Though the ever-popular Twilight books might've broken a few classic rules when it comes to the undead, any horror fan will tell you that "real" vampires (such as those featured on the CW's hit series The Vampire Diaries) can't enter a home unless invited. Not to suggest that this particular Corgi is part of the legion of fanged fiends, but it does seem curious that he won't—and perhaps can't—come in without an invitation. Look deep into his eyes and  see for yourself if this pup is thirsty for more than tap water. — Global Animal

DONATE: Help Animals Affected By Oklahoma Tornado

(ANIMAL RESCUE) In the wake of one of the deadliest tornadoes in U.S. history, Oklahoma residents are desperately trying to reach loved ones and find missing pets, livestock, and other animals. Although the storm missed areas with larger ranches, several smaller ranches were devastated. And while one woman's happy reunion with her dog has touched hearts nationwide, many animals remain stranded. Many agencies are lending their services and stepping up to help out however they can—whether by bringing in search dogs, collecting food for animals, or reuniting families with their four-legged loved ones. Global Animal is collecting donations for vetted animal rescue organizations working on the ground to help with medical costs for injured animals, boarding and food, as well as helping reunite pets with their families. — Global Animal

Troubled Dog Helps Dying Man

(TOUCHING TALE) With so many stories about human and animal companionship, this one really changes what you think you know about these complex relationships. Casey, an Alaskan malamute from Dalton, Georgia, made the lives of her caretakers pretty difficult. Casey was a rowdy troublemaker, often sneaking out from her home and digging holes in other people's yards, knocking over trashcans, and helping herself to food that wasn't hers. So, when a neighbor came over informing Carol Baird, Casey's guardian, that her dog had been visiting his house, she was ready to once again apologize for her pesky canine. But to her surprise, the man thanked her and proceeded to tell her how Casey has been taking care of his father who was suffering from Alzheimer's. The man then explained that Casey stopped showing up the night after his father had passed away, as if knowing that her task had come to an end. Read on for more on this extraordinary story. — Global Animal

Adrien Brody Puts A Bullet In Animal Entertainment (VIDEO)

(ANIMAL WELFARE) PETA is never one to shy away from controversy. The organization is famous for its use of shocking media to stir up conversation on animal rights issues, and their newest ad takes the cake for shock value. The video is narrated by Academy Award winner Adrien Brody who walks viewers through the dismal life of apes used for entertainment.  The thought-provoking ad ends with a shocking image of the ape holding a gun, ready to end his unhappy life. Read on to find out why it's never okay to use live animal actors and see the controversial video for yourself. — Global Animal

Faithful Dog Guards Tornado Victim’s Body

(TOUCHING TALE) In the past few days, many touching stories involving animals caught up in the aftermath of the devastating Oklahoma tornado have come to light. Barbara Garcia, a Moore resident who lost her home and her dog, was miraculously reunited with the pup in a tear-jerking video that has taken the Internet by storm. But a picture of a mud-covered dog faithfully standing by a deceased victim's body after the Oklahoma tornado hit has become a source of mystery. The dog, Susie, was photographed solemnly sitting amidst a pile of rubble. The story became even more heart-wrenching when reports revealed the dog was guarding a dead body, who everyone assumed was her guardian. Read on to find out the real story behind this moving picture. — Global Animal

Not Funny: Hungover From Animal Death

(ANIMAL CRUELTY) Writer/Director Todd Phillips’ third installment of The Hangover Trilogy certainly has its moments, but falls far short of capturing the magic that made the first film so charming. And in its portrayal of animals, it plummets down a dark and nasty path, never to recover. There are many scenes in Hangover III that are supposed to be funny, but are merely ghastly or cruel, depicting the deaths of numerous animals. Read on for more on the film's tasteless decision to swap good humor for cruelty. — Global Animal

Colorado Chooses Rescue Pets

(SHELTER PETS) Governor John Hickenlooper of Colorado has signed a bill making shelter animals the state's official pet. The significant moment appropriately took place at a Denver animal shelter, where Hickenlooper also brought his rescue dog named Sky along for the signing. Unfortunately this positive move was not approved by everyone. Read on to find out why some find the governor's decision controversial. — Global Animal 


Australia Too Easy On Animal Abuse?

(ANIMAL CRUELTY) AUSTRALIA — Many Australian activists may be starting to question how well their government handles disturbingly gruesome acts of animal cruelty. Although the country’s jail sentences for aggravated cruelty towards animals range from 2 to 5 years, the full penalties are rarely invoked, with some abusers getting off without serving any jail time at all. Perhaps the most disturbing knowledge surrounding these issues is the fact that extreme violence towards animals often later manifests in extreme violence toward humans. If the Australian Government sticks to tougher penalties for animal abusers, it could very well diminish the number of severe abuse cases the country faces. Continue reading to find out how Australia has handled specific cases of ruthless cruelty, and to see where the legal problems may be residing. — Global Animal

Cat Massages Snoring Pug

(ANIMAL VIDEO) What do you get when you combine a cat "making biscuits" and a snoring pug? Pug biscuits! — Global Animal