(ANIMAL ACTIVISM) Legendary former game show host Bob Barker has joined forces with SHowing Animals Respect And Kindness (SHARK) urging Pennsylvania state legislators to pass a bill that would ban live pigeon shoots. During this cruel practice, pigeons are launched into the air and participants gun them down for sport. Barker is speaking up for our feathered friends and released a video showing the pain and suffering the dying birds are subjected to. Read more about Barker and SHARK’s compassionate efforts against this inhumane and legal Pennsylvania tradition. — Global Animal
Bob Barker asks University of Virginia to stop medical testing on cats. Photo Credit: sustainabilityninja.com
Bob Barker has been promoting animal rights since 1979. Photo Credit: sustainabilityninja.com

Pennsylvania – Bob Barker, the iconic animal loving former host of the TV game show, “The Price is Right,” has released a video urging Pennsylvania state legislators to pass Senate Bill 510, authored by Senator Patrick Browne, which seeks to ban live pigeon shoots.

Well-known for his passionate support of animal causes, Barker was so appalled at the cruel mass slaughters; he joined forces with animal protection group, SHowing Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK) to call for an end to the “barbaric practice.“

In the video, the legendary host calls live pigeon shoots “horrific acts of animal cruelty” and goes on to say, “pigeon shoots are Pennsylvania’s shame.” Previously, Barker sent letters urging Attorney General Linda Kelly and Governor Tom Corbett to enforce PA Humane Law 5511 against pigeon shoot participants. The video depicts horrific images of maimed and dying victims of live pigeon shoots. Some birds are shown drowning in the Delaware River.

A copy of the video has been sent to state officials and can be viewed here.

A new anti-pigeon shoot campaign recently launched by SHARK focuses on helping to pass SB 510. The group intends to contact all 203 members of the PA State House and 50 State Senators urging them to support SB 510, which will effectively ban live pigeon shoots in PA. SHARK is planning on a public tour across Pennsylvania featuring the Bob Barker video in order to both educate and energize the public on the issue.

Because Pennsylvania humane law 5511 does not specifically ban the animal abuse that occurs at pigeon shoots, certain district attorneys claim the shoots are not illegal. SHARK president Steve Hindi counters with, “5511 also does not specifically state that you cannot throw a puppy out of a third story window, although that would obviously be cruel, and would obviously be prosecuted. For that matter, 5511 doesn’t say you can’t hold a puppy shoot, but that is of course also illegal. It is for these compromised officials that a pigeon shoot specific law must be passed.

Most live pigeon shoots occur at private hunting and gun clubs. Hundreds of thousands of birds, some captured from city streets and some purpose-bred, are used annually. Many die slowly from their wounds, exposure, predation, dehydration and starvation. Some are killed by the shooters by stomping, kicking, swinging them around by their necks, smashing against objects and decapitation.

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