Sonia Horon, Global Animal

In the past few days, many touching stories involving animals caught up in the aftermath of the devastating Oklahoma tornado have come to light. Barbara Garcia, a Moore resident who lost her home and her dog, was miraculously reunited with the pup in a tear-jerking video that has taken the Internet by storm.

Susie faithfully guards a deceased victim's body. Photo credit: Facebook
In this touching photo, Susie faithfully guards a deceased tornado victim’s body. Photo Credit: Facebook

But a picture of a mud-covered dog faithfully standing by a deceased victim’s body after the Oklahoma tornado hit has become a source of mystery.

The dog, Susie, was photographed solemnly sitting amidst a pile of rubble. The story became even more heart-wrenching when reports revealed the dog was guarding a dead body, who everyone assumed was her guardian. 

The Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office captioned the picture on their official Twitter account: “May 20, 2013 we posted this picture of a dog on our Twitter account ‘scared, but this little pup survived’. Today we found out the story behind the picture. The dog was standing guard over a deceased individual, possibly it’s owner, in Moore following the tornado there. The dog was taken to a shelter and the deputy who found the pup, if possible, plans on adopting the dog. Man’s best friend to the end.”

In a happy twist of fate, Susie’s actual guardian is said to be alive and well, and the pair have been reunited at last. It turns out the sweet dog was simply protecting the victim’s body.

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