Colorado Chooses Rescue Pets

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Shelter pets get the much needed exposure from Gov. John Hickenlooper. Photo Credit:

Sonia Horon, Global Animal

Governor John Hickenlooper of Colorado has signed a bill making shelter animals the state’s official pet.

The significant moment appropriately took place at a Denver animal shelter, where Hickenlooper also brought his rescue dog named Sky along for the signing.

Surprisingly, the idea didn’t stem from the governor, but was instead proposed by local children. Legislators are hoping that the move will help bring about the much-needed awareness and exposure to shelter pets.

Unfortunately this positive move was not approved by everyone.

Mother Nature Network reports, “Professional lobbyists representing purebred dog clubs, retailers, groomers and dog-show organizers argued that the new designation might open up an entirely new area for businesses transactions. Several opponents also feel that the shelter pets might not even be Colorado residents. And they claimed that it was discriminatory to snakes, reptiles, birds and other animals.”

Hickenlooper’s decision means that the Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep, the state’s previous official pet, will now retire. 

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