Baby Elephant Rescue
This one lucky baby elephant rescued by villagers. Photo Credit: Ecorazzi

Sonia Horon, Global Animal

Indian villagers took matters into their own hands after a baby elephant got stuck in a muddy ditch.

The female calf was trailing behind her herd when she became trapped. After the calf began to cry, her mother stepped in to try and save her child, but to no avail.

That’s when the local villagers decided to help the mother out. The natives used a rope to pull the baby out of the muddy trench.

The calf was then taken to the Centre for Wildlife Rehabilitation and Conservation at the Kaziranga National Park, where she was administered food and fluids.

The baby elephant is now resting comfortably in India. However, it is unclear whether she’ll be rejoined with her herd.

Check out the heartwarming rescue in the video below.