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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Sea Turtles Traveling In Toxic Waters

(OCEANS) The endangered Kemp’s ridley sea turtle has been discovered living in dangerous territory. These particular sea turtles migrate and settle in very limited areas, and were recently found living in the oil-contaminated waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Up until a few days ago, the sea turtles’ migration patterns were relatively unknown. This new research could be the key to saving the species from oil spills, heavy commercial fishing, and oxygen depletion. Continue reading to find out how researchers hope to preserve the Kemp’s ridley sea turtle. — Global Animal

Salsa Dog Has Great Beat

(ANIMAL VIDEO) This dog with the terrific south of the border beat is guaranteed to warm your heart in under 20 seconds. Pretty impressive. — Global Animal

Grumpy Cat Gets Movie Deal, Hates It

(FAMOUS CATS) She's most famous for her movie star pout so it comes as no surprise the Internet's best brooding sensation is getting her own movie deal. Tardar Sauce, better known as Grumpy Cat, is set to make a "Garfield-like" family comedy film with Broken Road Productions, the same company behind the 2011 flick, Jack and Jill, starring Adam Sandler. America's favorite miserable cat will soon star alongside comedians Will Ferrell and Jack Black. The movie plans to assign Grumpy a voice, making her famous sarcastic remarks come to life. Read on to find out Grumpy's reaction to this wonderful news. — Global Animal

Imprisoned Bears Fed Up With Dinner Entertainment

(WILDLIFE) Two brown bears from a Kosovo village were recently rescued after spending nearly ten years in captivity. The two bears named Ari and Arina were cruelly kept in a 20-square-meter cage outside of a restaurant for entertainment. Private ownership of wild animals is not allowed in Kosovo but the rules are not strictly enforced. Read on to find out how the bears are doing now. — Global Animal

Future Of Painted Turtles Is Black

(ANIMAL SCIENCE) Global warming may be doing more than just melting ice caps—it could be wiping out the male sex of an entire species of turtles. The sex of painted turtles largely relies on the temperature in their surrounding environment. Unlike human gender, which is determined by chromosomes, the gender for these turtles is determined by temperature. While these baby turtles can have a chance at a more balanced gender ratio if their mothers nest earlier, this premature nesting practice is no longer a powerful tool against the continual rising of the Earth’s temperature. Just one degree higher could increase the chances of all the eggs being female. Scientists have predicted that the earth’s temperature will rise between four and six degrees Celsius within the next 100 years. Read on to learn more about how global warming is impacting this entire species. — Global Animal

Cat ‘Nurses’ Ducklings

(ANIMAL VIDEO) And the winner of the Mother of the Year award goes to...this momma cat trying to nurse ducklings along with her own kittens. While the video is undeniably adorable, experts claim ducks absolutely cannot suckle. But could this be a first? What do you think? — Global Animal

World’s Earliest Bird Uncovered

(ANIMAL SCIENCE) A small, feathered creature named Aurornis xui is now the most primitive bird known to man. The tufted dinosaur lived in what is now China, approximately 160 million years ago. This colossal discovery has helped create a more complete lineage leading from non-avian dinosaurs to birds and has shed some light on the evolution of bird flight. Continue reading for more on this substantial discovery and the transition from dinosaur to bird. — Global Animal

Uh-oh! The Biebs Has A New Kitten?

(CELEBRITY PETS) Justin Bieber is at it again, and this time, he isn't monkeying around. Soon after the pop sensation abandoned his former pet monkey in Germany, Bieber has posted a series of Instagram photos of what may possibly be his newest pet sensation. Read on for more on the Biebs' new pet, and check out the Instagram photos that have made this adorable animal an instant star. — Global Animal

Bob Barker asks University of Virginia to stop medical testing on cats. Photo Credit:

Bob Barker Targets Penn. Pigeon Shoots

(ANIMAL ACTIVISM) Legendary former game show host Bob Barker has joined forces with SHowing Animals Respect And Kindness (SHARK) urging Pennsylvania state legislators to pass a bill that would ban live pigeon shoots. During this cruel practice, pigeons are launched into the air and participants gun them down for sport. Barker is speaking up for our feathered friends and released a video showing the pain and suffering the dying birds are subjected to. Read more about Barker and SHARK's compassionate efforts against this inhumane and legal Pennsylvania tradition. — Global Animal

Dolphins: Modern Day Midwives?

(OCEANS) Adam Barrington and his wife Heather are among an alarmingly increasing number of soon-to-be parents partaking in a bizarre birthing process called dolphin assisted birth. The process involves a water birth with dolphins, and is supposed to bring the expecting mother peace and serenity as well as a feeling of one with nature. However, experts are very skeptical about the unusual procedure and worry that it may result in harm to the fetus. As brilliant as dolphins are at the end of the day, they are still wild animals, and they have been known to kill other small animals for no reason. Therefore, wouldn't it seem unwise to bring a newborn into such an unpredictable environment? Also, how could this process impact the dolphins involved? Read on to find out more about this strange new trend. — Global Animal

Guy Rescues Ducklings – Our Hero!

(ANIMAL VIDEO) What's a mother to do with eight ducklings trapped in a pool? First scold, then leave, and then get this guy to help out! Our hero! — Global Animal

Lily Cole On The Ugly Truth About Beauty

(ANIMAL ACTIVISM) British model Lily Cole plans to protest the use of shark liver oil at the Hay Festival of Literature and the Arts in Wales this Thursday. Squalene—an oil extracted from the livers of endangered sharks—is being used more and more frequently in the cosmetic industry, particularly in the making of a high-end face cream. Cole will be joined by Alannah Weston, the creative director at Selfridges, who  is removing all products containing squalene from the store. Sharks are already under threat from the finning industry, so it's important to quickly curb this "beauty" trend. Read on for more on this disturbing practice. — Global Animal

Chicago Shelter Shows Compawssion For Oklahoma

(ANIMAL RESCUE) Thanks to PAWS Chicago Animal Shelter, pets found in the aftermath of the tornado that tore through Oklahoma last week, have been given a new leash on life. The Oklahoma City Animal Care and Control Center almost reached capacity after the devastation, with many of the animals at the shelter facing risk of euthanasia. When PAWS volunteers personally drove hundreds of miles from Chicago to take in 75 cats and dogs, the Control Center animals were fortunately given a second chance. Continue reading below for more on the difficulties facing animals and shelters left in the tornado’s wake. — Global Animal   

Will Pig Poo Power China?

(GREEN) Is pig excrement China’s next big energy source? This may be so, as Australian researchers have invented a bioreactor trademarked as “pooCARE,” which is able to convert solid waste into biofuel. China has one of the world’s highest concentrations of pig farms, with an estimated 700 million pigs spread across the country. According to some estimates, this means that there could be 1.4 million metric tons of pig feces produced each year. Read on for more information regarding this award-winning project and how its outcome could potentially solve one of China's biggest contamination issues. — Global Animal