Borko and Bulgaria’s Dr. Dolittle

Share Borko's story. Photo Credit: K9 Rescue Bulgaria

Stephanie Henkel, Global Animal

Bulgaria’s own Dr. Dolittle is being persecuted for helping stray animals.

Share Borko's story. Photo Credit: K9 Rescue Bulgaria
Share Borko’s story. Photo Credit: K9 Rescue Bulgaria

This twisted tale began last May when Dr. Georgi Litov found Borko, a stray puppy who was so badly beaten that his spinal column was severed. Horrified to have found a pup who was treated so heinously, the kind Bulgarian doctor filed a petition to the Regional Public Prosecutor’s Office yet never received an acknowledgment from them. Ultimately, Dr. Litov decided to take Borko in and nurse him back to health.

Due to Borko’s injuries, he was paraplegic at first. Veterinarians were convinced he would never walk again and believed euthanasia would be the most humane course of action. Yet, Borko would not give up without a fight and eventually proved everyone wrong.

The determined pooch made miraculous progress. He was soon able to move his legs and stand up with very little support. Borko also befriended Dr. Litov’s other rescue dogs and quickly became a part of the family. 

Unfortunately in Bulgaria and many other parts of the world, people still consider animals as disposable creatures that do not feel pain. Many do not view animals as living beings, and some even go as far as taking pleasure in animal suffering.

On March 12, 2013, an angry mob who was being filmed by a TV7 crew stormed Dr. Litov’s home. They found Borko and brutally beat him with a baseball bat. Shockingly, this was all caught on camera without intervention. The man seen in the video striking Borko is said to be Borian Dafinov Kirov. 

Later that same day, the mob returned for Borko and again, was accompanied by the TV7 crew. Two brutes forcefully entered the doctor’s office, and Dr. Litov quickly called the police.

At first, the officers assisted the desperate doctor, but after several altercations with the lynch mob, Dr. Litov was forced by the group and the police to comply with the mob’s wishes. 

Sign the petition to ban the sale of lion meat!
Sign the petition to demand justice for Borko and to urge the Bulgarian government to take action against animal cruelty!

The mob searched the premises and found Borko, shaking and trembling. They took pictures of the terrified canine and some of the other animals as “evidence.” At this run-in, the Deputy Mayor advised Dr. Litov to leave the village for his own safety, and the policemen declined the doctor’s request for permanent police protection.

Dr. Georgi Litov has no support from the community, the law, and the media for his noble work with stray animals. Bringing worldwide awareness to this story is crucial to changing the Bulgarian government’s attitude toward animal cruelty. The people who took part in this disgraceful act against a crippled dog should be punished. Sign the petition to demand  justice for Borko and to urge the Bulgarian government to take action against animal cruelty!



  1. This is like going into someones house and beating their adopted child just because they are adopted. What is wrong with our species. It seems like the majority of this "higher species" is a fucking joke… Humans beat, eat and kill animals more for the pure fucked up pleasure of it that for any need. When can mobs start going and beating these fuckers with cameras recording the whole thing and let the government not give a shit then..