The Biebs Monkeying Around In Germany (UPDATE)

UPDATE: Mally, Justin Bieber’s former capuchin monkey pet, might finally be getting a real home. The monkey was irresponsibly flown to Germany by the “Beauty and a Beat” singer and seized by the authorities as Justin failed to provide proper paperwork. The German shelter is now looking to place Mally in a good environment, like an organization concerned with primates, and specifically told E! News that they don’t want her going to a zoo where she would be used to draw publicity. The shelter is now waiting for Bieber’s team to provide an official release document instead of just an e-mail. Hopefully Bieber will do the right thing and immediately send over the necessary documentation needed to find Mally a good home. — Global Animal

Alisa Manzelli, Global Animal

After flying to Germany on a private jet with his pet primate, teen pop star Justin Bieber has reportedly had to leave his capuchin monkey in quarantine for neglecting to provide proper paperwork.

Justin Bieber pet monkey
A capuchin monkey (left) and pop singer Justin Bieber (right). Photo Credit: AP

The capuchin monkey named Mally was given to the singer as a 19th-birthday present by record producer Mally Mall, and was seized by German customs at Munich Airport after the Biebs arrived to play a series of concerts throughout Europe.

“Justin Bieber brought his monkey to Germany, but had no official paperwork with him,” the airport’s spokesman, Thomas Meister, told Time Magazine. “We were forced to confiscate the animal.”

Bieber is currently facing a fine which could reach up to $17,000. In addition, he will have to cover the costs of the quarantine.

German authorities have given the singer four weeks to retrieve his pet, otherwise Mally will be placed in permanent care.

Several zoos have offered to provide Mally with a home if the Biebs doesn’t reclaim the animal in time.

Karl Heinz Joachim, a representative from the city animal shelter where the monkey is being quarantined, said in a statement:

“I can confirm that the monkey is 14 weeks old and was apparently taken away from its mother when it was between nine and 10 weeks old…This is much too early.”

He continued, “It’s obvious that those who were looking after it should have known – we could not get him to eat until we gave him the cuddly toy he was still clinging to when he was delivered to us and you can see in photographs of Bieber that the only way they manage to keep it under control was by using the cuddly toy.”

Joachim also mentioned that the monkey is likely shocked and terrified by the events leading up to the quarantine, including being taken through a noisy airport and on board a jet plane.

“It happened and we are where we are now. What matters is what is best for the monkey in the future. I don’t know what the laws are in America but I am surprised it was allowed to separate the mother and baby so young,” Joachim added.

In a scathing interview, Austrian vet Kurt Grabenwoeger said, “They are living creatures – not celebrity accessories like a handbag. Imagine a human baby sent off on a world tour at 10 weeks – would anyone allow that?”

The singer’s notoriety as a bad pet parent seems to grow more and more each day. Not only did the star previously auction off his pet snake, but he also impulsively gave away his pet hamster to a screaming fan. Perhaps it’s time the Biebs does the right thing and finds a better home for Mally—not as a pet for humans. A capuchin monkey should never be a human companion.