(TOUCHING TALE) The image of an adorable koala bear sitting in the middle of what used to be his home has received worldwide attention. This pile of mulch was once filled with a lush landscape of trees and greenery until the area was eventually leveled, and the marsupial completely lost his home. Unfortunately, this koala is not alone as deforestation threatens the survival of many animal species all over the world. Thankfully, this story has quite the happy ending. Continue reading for more on this lone koala and his heartwarming tale. — Global Animal
A lone koala bear tries to return home after deforestation. Photo Credit: Ecorazzi
A lone koala bear tries to return home. Photo Credit: Ecorazzi

Ecorazzi, Ali Berman

In one of the more heartbreaking wildlife photos we’ve seen (that doesn’t involve blood or gore), this koala has been making headlines as he sits in the center of his old home. A place that was once filled with trees and life, but has been totally cut down so only a flat barren swath of land remains.

This is the face of deforestation. At least, the face of one of the animals that made it out alive.

For those wondering what happened the the koala after he tried to go to his destroyed former habitat, it is good news. Lee Rhiannon, a senator in New South Whales, wrote under this image on her facebook page, “Happier news for our koala featured yesterday and rescued by WIRES: two local landowners with safe and appropriate linkage habitat have been thrilled to accept his relocation on their land and are in the throws of organising with neighbouring properties to ensure koalas on their property are protected from threats, as far as possible.”

Still, even with that good news, this koala puts a face on habitat destruction. That forest was once this animal’s home. Before it was leveled. And we’re sure that many others who lived in trees and on the ground were killed as machines came in to rip the forest to the ground. This koala was one of the lucky ones.

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