(LIFE WITH PETS) Andy Prokh, a 44-year-old photographer from St. Petersburg, has spent the last four years photographing the beautiful bond between his daughter and the family cat. The wonderful black and white photographs show Katherine, the photographer’s daughter, and LiLu Blue Royal Lady, the British shorthair cat, in a variety of settings. Prokh admits that it’s not hard to convey the close bond between the two, ‘They live and grow together, I just have to do is [sic] press the shutter button on the camera.’ Read on to find out more about this beautiful friendship and check out a few of these spectacular photos. — Global Animal
Katherine plays as Lilu attempts to join in. Photo credit: Andy Prokh

Daily Mail, Emily Davies

A collection of charming images showing a lifelong friendship between a four-year-old girl and her cat have been created by a Russian photographer.

Andy Prokh, 44, from St Petersburg has taken a series of natural shots and staged photos of his daughter with the family pet.

His daughter, Katherine, is pictured with LiLu Blue Royal Lady, a grey British shorthair cat in a variety of poses.

Mr Prokh has been photographing six-year-old LiLu with his daughter, now four years old, since Katherine was born.

He said it’s important for him to photograph things he cares about.

‘You should shoot what you love,’ Mr Prokh told the New York Daily News. ‘I love these two models very much.’

‘They live and grow together, I just have to do is press the shutter button on the camera,’ Mr Prokh said.

The images show the pair in a variety of scenarios, including playing with apples, drinking milk at a table, pondering a mathematical equation and playing guitar.

Most of the photographs are in black and white, and feature realistic poses, while others have been edited by Mr Prokh to depict imaginary scenes.

One of the more creative images features Katherine with LiLu in a hot air balloon made out of a hat and an Angry Birds balloon.

Katherine plays guitar for Lilu. Photo credit: Andy Prokh


They even share milk together! Photo credit: Andy Prokh


Lulu helps Katherine with math. Photo credit: Andy Prokh
Lilu helps the little girl with math. Photo credit: Andy Prokh


Lulu shuns technology. Photo credit: Andy Prokh
Lilu shuns technology. Photo credit: Andy Prokh

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