The Squaddie And The Squirrel (GALLERY)

(ANIMAL LOVERS) After Belarusian soldiers found a baby squirrel near death and brought him to their warrant officer, Pyotr Pankratau, the officer nursed the weak little squirrel back to health, feeding him every four hours. Now, two years later, Pankratau left the army and now works as a taxi driver where the squirrel, Minsk, travels in his pocket no matter where he goes. Check out the touching photos documenting their heartwarming friendship. — Global Animal

Belarus soldier and squirrel

Squirrel in car

Belarus squirrelSquirrel on car steering wheel

squirrel on desk

squirrel and soldier best friends

squirrel and cat

squirrel friend

squirrel and best friend

sleepy cute squirrel

squirrel best friend

sleeping squirrel