(OCEANS) According to the International Shark Attack File, between 1989 and 2010, there have been 14 shark attacks on surfers around Réunion, a French island east of Madagascar. Eight of the 14 attacks ended in fatalities. Recently, the island has experienced a severe spike in attacks with 10 occurring within the past two years, and three of which resulting in casualties. This large increase in such a short period of time sparked an investigation which concluded that the area was prime bull-shark habitat, however, not for the natural reasons most would suspect. The conditions have been made more hostile by humans, and the sharks have evolved and adapted to their new environment. In response to these attacks, the mayor of St. Lieu promised a shark cull. Animal-rights groups were outraged that the mayor would make such a drastic decision just to appease surfers. The ocean is a shark’s home. Why would anyone ruthlessly murder a living being in their own home? Check out the article below for more on this controversial turf war between sharks and surfers. — Global Animal
Off the coast of Africa, a turf war has ensued between shark and man. Photo Credit: GQ
Off the coast of Africa, a turf war has ensued between shark and man. Photo Credit: GQ

Heart of Sharkness

GQ, Bucky McMahon

It was a show of unprecedented aggression in a surfers’ paradise: ten shark attacks in the past two years, three of them fatal. Now the surfers are biting back, calling for a posse to hunt and kill the offending animals. Bucky McMahon paddles straight into the insanely unsafe waters of Réunion island, a little slice of France off the coast of Africa, and reports on a raging turf war between man and beast.

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