(PUPPY MILLS) As part of the ASPCA‘s “No Pet Store Puppies” campaign, the nonprofit organization is unleashing a national fleet of puppy interrogators with a license to kill…mills. Their mission—to eliminate the demand for puppy mill pooches altogether. Covert canine agents will be using expert interrogation tactics to identify consumers supporting commercial breeding facilities. Several agents are already at work, so puppy mills beware! Read on to learn more about this delicate operation, and check out the video below of an interrogation session that was leaked earlier this week. — Global Animal
The ASPCA launches its fleet of puppy interrogators. Photo Credit: ASPCA
The ASPCA launches its fleet of puppy interrogators. Photo Credit: ASPCA

Talkin Pets, Jon Patch

NEW YORK–The ASPCA®(The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®), as part of its national “No Pet Store Puppies” campaign, today announced the launch of a national fleet of covert canine agents tasked with using interrogation tactics to sniff out consumers who support the cruel puppy mill industry by shopping in pet stores that sell puppies. Most puppies sold in pet stores come from puppy mills, where they are kept in inhumane conditions and do not receive proper veterinary care. The ASPCA’s interrogating canines will not stop barking until this inhumane industry rolls over.

“Our highly skilled fleet of puppy interrogators will be instrumental in identifying consumers unwittingly backing the inhumane puppy mill industry with their purchases,” said Cori Menkin, senior director of ASPCA Puppy Mills Campaign. “Our canine agents are ready to take this cause into their own paws, and it will be a dog day afternoon for anyone caught holding the wrong biscuit.”

The ASPCA’s national No Pet Store Puppies campaign has recruited a militant team of highly trained dogs to lead these covert operations. The ASPCA has already unleashed several of these undercover dog interrogators to tail pet owners who shop for pet supplies at pet stores that sell puppies. The campaign selected puppies who clearly have a bone to pick with the commercial breeding facilities that hold their canine comrades captive in such unsanitary, overcrowded conditions. Through the use of undisclosed tactics, the ASPCA agents will successfully eliminate consumer demand for puppy mill puppies.

One ASPCA agent, who preferred to remain anonymous, was asked what happens to puppy pet store shoppers who are found to be barking up the wrong tree. He responded, “It can get pretty ruff.”

Confidential footage depicting one such interrogation session was leaked earlier this week and can be viewed here:

To learn more about the ASPCA’s No Pet Store Puppies campaign and the fleet of puppy interrogators, visit: www.NoPetStorePuppies.com

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