Jusani Culture: A Future Of Change For Shelter Pets

Photo Credit: Jusani Culture

(ANIMAL SHELTERS) Approximately eight million stray animals enter U.S. shelters ever year and about 3.7 million are euthanized. Given these startling statistics, Jusani Culture aims to help these animals by spreading awareness about adoption and partnering with small businesses for fundraising, amongst other notable efforts. In the article below, contributor Lauren Silvia sheds light on Jusani Culture’s compassionate mission. Read on to learn more about this wonderful organization and see how you can get involved. — Global Animal
Photo Credit: Jusani Culture
Photo Credit: Jusani Culture

Jusani Culture: Creating a Future of Change for Sheltered Pets and How You Can Help

By Lauren Silvia

This year alone, shelters across America will take in eight million stray and unwanted animals—nearly half of these animals will be euthanized. These shelters struggle with overcrowding, budget constraints, and finding and retaining volunteers, and they rely on the support of their community to help care for, foster, and adopt the animals they house; this is especially true for non-profit shelters.

It was with this knowledge that Melissa Salinas created Jusani Culture. Melissa wondered about all the animals left behind at the shelter where she first adopted a pet, thinking how much more could be done with additional outreach and funds. Coining the term Jusani from the legal term, Jus Animalium, the idea that animals’ needs be given the same respect and consideration as humans, Melissa set out to create a culture where animals are no longer abused or neglected and all are given the care and forever homes they deserve.

For Jusani, this begins by supporting shelters, as they are at the forefront in dealing with pet homelessness and neglect both in the short term and the long term by caring for and placing animals, as well promoting spaying and neutering and responsible pet ownership. To raise money for these efforts, Jusani has partnered with small business handicraft artists and designers to sell their products online at www.jusani.com/shop. Every purchase of these goods, ranging from clothing, accessories, jewelry, and spa items to home décor and pet products results in a five dollar donation to the non-profit U.S. shelter chosen for that fundraising period. 

In addition to fundraising, Jusani seeks to spread awareness of sponsorship shelters’ work as well support their efforts to spread the word about adoption and foster a love and respect for all animals. Through social media outreach and blogging, Jusani provides pet lovers and parents with information and inspiration, sharing stories, news, tips, and a love for animals, and hoping to engage with people who share Jusani’s mission and want to join them in creating a future of change for pets.

To get involved, visit www.jusani.com and follow Jusani on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Join Jusani in helping homeless pets by shopping at www.jusani.com/shop for your next special occasion or everyday need, and share the story of a shelter doing remarkable work or a blog post you find interesting or informative with your friends and family. Tell a handicraft artist or designer you know to see how they can submit their products for consideration to be sold on Jusani’s website, and be sure to direct your local shelter to apply for sponsorship. Through the combined efforts of animal lovers nationwide, the problem of pet homelessness can be addressed, so join with Jusani Culture to get started!