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Bob Barker asks University of Virginia to stop medical testing on cats. Photo Credit:

Bob Barker’s Price Is Right To Save University Cats

(ANIMAL RIGHTS) Recently, PETA released a video of a cruel animal testing practice at Washington University in St. Louis (WUSTL) called Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS). In most universities, this procedure is performed on a simulator, but for some reason the antiquated system at WUSTL allows students to perform this traumatic procedure on nine live cats, and sometimes even up to 15 gruelling intubations per session. Following the release of PETA's video, animal activist and legendary game show host Bob Barker penned a letter to the school's chancellor with a very kind proposition. Read on to find out more on Bob's generous offer to WUSTL and see how you can help put an end to this animal cruelty. — Global Animal

Pooch’s Pups Spared From Shelter Life (VIDEO)

(SHELTER PETS) Mimi, an unspayed Maltese, was brought to an animal shelter after her caretakers found out she was pregnant. Unfortunately, pregnant dogs who are given up to shelters have very grim prospects. Puppies are oftentimes aborted so they are spared from living a tough shelter life. What's more, pups who do make it into the world stand a greater chance of death from freezing or exposure to various diseases. Thankfully, Mimi's shelter worked with a local rescue group and found herself a great foster home where she safely gave birth to a litter of six puppies. Mimi was very lucky, but most stories like hers end in unnecessary and preventable tragedy. This is why spaying a neutering should be a must for all responsible pet guardians.  Read on to see what's in store for Mimi's future. — Global Animal

Dog Fetches Beer From Fridge

(ANIMAL VIDEO) This incredibly useful dog trick gives labeerdors a whole new name! — Global Animal

An image provided by Yellowstone National Park, Mont., shows a gray wolf in the wild.

Rehabilitating Species Howl For Help

(POLITICS) MONTANA — Efforts made over the years in response to the dwindling population of gray wolves in the United States has recently taken a critical hit. Federal wildlife officials plan to nullify legislation detrimental to the preservation of the gray wolves. If passed, laws protecting gray wolves would further jeopardize the species, despite the fact that after countless years of protection, gray wolves have begun to make a promising comeback. Read on for more regarding the hardships gray wolves may have to face in the near future. — Global Animal

Comedian Stands Up Against Ag Gag

(CELEBRITY ACTIVISM) This past week, president of The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) Wayne Pacelle appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to discuss Ag Gag bills. Both Pacelle and DeGeneres called attention to the horrors behind factory farming and asked viewers to recognize how Ag Gag laws would keep farming operations in the dark. If these bills are put into effect, both the treatment of animals and the quality of food could drastically deteriorate. Continue reading to find out more on what Ellen is doing to fight these Ag Gag bills. — Global Animal

Russia’s Horse Meat Following

(HORSES) MOSCOW — Amidst the widening debate involving the slaughter and human consumption of horse meat in the UK and abroad, an Italian chef named Valentino Bontempi focuses his anger toward the use of horse meat in a somewhat controversial manner. His outrage is not that of humane concern for horses, but rather a callous interest in the way horse meat is prepared by Russian chefs throughout chain restaurants in Moscow. "Russians," he said rather insensitively, "have no clue about cooking horse and could be enjoying it so much more." Read the New York Times article below to uncover the apathetic side of the horse meat scandal with interviewees who consider the consumption of horse meat to be a healthy, tasty option. — Global Animal

Roomba-Riding Shark-Cat Chases Duckling

(ANIMAL VIDEO) This viral Roomba-riding cat takes the video sensation to a whole 'nother level. Try muting the sound and playing the Jaws soundtrack! — Global Animal

Tony The Truck Stop Tiger (UPDATE)

(POLITICS) Tony the tiger is not doing so great. The 550-pound Bengal-Siberian tiger currently resides in a 40-foot-by-80-foot enclosure at a Louisiana truck stop right outside of Baton Rouge. Tony is not the first tiger to have lived at the roadside establishment. Over the years, several adult tigers have been brought to this wild cat prison, and 13 cubs were born here. These unusual practices have caught the attention of animal rights organizations, local news stations, and law enforcement, and now the Tiger Truck Stop is smack-dab in the middle of a complicated legal dispute. Read the article below to learn more about Tony the tiger and the Tiger Truck Stop’s pending legal issues. — Global Animal

Sea Turtles Get Caught In The Bycatch

(OCEANS) In a new study, Bryan Wallace and a team of researchers illustrate the relationship between sea turtle bycatch, (unwanted animals which are caught by fishing boats then discarded) and small-scale fisheries. Although there is little research backing bycatch and mortality rates in terms of endangered species like marine turtles, Wallace, in his research, learned that on average, the hardest places to be a sea turtle were in the East Pacific, Northwest, Southwest Atlantic, and Mediterranean. With such a vast number of sea turtles being killed in the bycatch of small-scale fisheries, it is critical for these small-scale fisheries to become a sustainable business. Read on to learn more about the informative study. — Global Animal

Friends With Benefits

(ANIMAL VIDEO) CAT: "You scratch my back and I'll clean your nails." BIRD: "Deal!" — Global Animal

Pup Indulges In Dog Movie

(ANIMAL VIDEO) Watch as Molly the Golden Retriever pup is glued to the TV for Air Buddies, one of many movie sequels about basketball-playing dogs. Sure, it may not be as fresh as the original, Air Buds, but this sequel has way more Golden Retrievers, which, according to Molly, makes it the best. — Global Animal

Cattaraugus County SPCA: A “Slow-Kill” Shelter?

(ANIMAL SHELTERS) Contrary to its claim to be a no-kill shelter, the Cattaraugus County SPCA in Olean, New York, is considered to be a perversion of no-kill by a number of former volunteers, board members, and concerned citizens. In fact, many are claiming the shelter is one of the more dangerous places for an animal to reside. Kelly Chaffee, former CCSPCA President and Board Member, has been quick to say that “the facility has been no-kill since 1985.” But many maintain that just because the animals are not euthanized at the shelter, does not mean that they are not emotionally and physically suffering. There is substantial proof regarding the neglect that these innocent animals suffer every single day. Animals at this facility are said to be confined in kennels for years, without socialization, veterinary care, or opportunities for placement into loving homes. Read on for more on this investigation and sign the petitions requesting reform. — Global Animal

Dolphins, ocean, new species, humpback, water

Dolphins, The Ultimate Sleep-Swimmers

(OCEANS) The things that keep most of us up at night, may have dolphins sleeping easy. But interestingly enough, our marine mammal friends might not need it. Dolphins have a unique ability to sleep with only half of their brains, keeping the other half alert while they rest. This function allows dolphins to avoid predators, and surface for air, while they remain at rest. Continue reading below in order to find out more about this interesting study. — Global Animal

Animal Malpractice: Harvard Shuts Down Primate Center

(ANIMAL TESTING) Citing reasons such as "tough economic climate" and "shifting long-term strategic plans," the Harvard primate research center will soon be shutting down and transporting around 2,000 monkeys—possibly to other national primate research centers. The Harvard center has been in hot water for the past few years as four monkeys died in its care between June 2010 and February 2012. The school was also cited for violations of animal welfare regulations set in place by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Thankfully Harvard officials are promising that none of the animals will be euthanized, but perhaps that would be better than a life spent in a laboratory. Read on for more on this drastic closure. — Global Animal