(OCEANS) A reporter for 9 News in Australia and a friend came across what they believed to be a dead dolphin. After examining the situation a little further, the duo discovered the marine mammal was fortunately still alive. The pair rushed to save their aquatic friend and not a moment too soon. Read on about this heroic tale, and check out the video of the rescue below. — Global Animal
Two men save a dolphin on an Australian beach. Photo Credit: YouTube
Two men save a dolphin on an Australian beach. Photo Credit: YouTube

Ecorazzi, Ali Berman

Paul Burt, a reporter for 9News in Australia, and a friend found what they believed to be a dead dolphin on a tidal river flat of Tweed River. But when they approached and the dolphin looked at the two humans, they sprung into action to save the cetacean.

Burt said, “We thought he was dead to start with. But when he saw us it was like, ‘The rescuers (are) coming to get me’. He was excited.”

Burt and his friend grab the dolphin from the top and bottom of its body and drag it back into the water. From there, the dolphin needed no help. As you’ll see in the video, it takes off as fast as its fins will carry it.

How did the dolphin end up on shore? 9News reports that it’s assumed the dolphin was chasing bait fish along the edge of the river when the tide went out too quickly for the dolphin to get back to deeper water, leaving it stranded on land.

Check out the video below for a very happy conclusion.

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