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In China, approximately nine hundred dogs have been rescued from a truck that was transporting the precious cargo in extremely poor conditions. According to Chen Mingcai of the Chongqing Small Animal Protection Association, a concerned citizen called police informing them about the suspicious truck. The driver was soon arrested, and the dogs were left on the truck on the entrance of a freeway in southwestern Chongqing.

Volunteers in China rescue approximately 900 dogs. Photo Credit:
Volunteers in China rescue approximately 900 dogs. Photo Credit:

Another compassionate citizen informed Chen about the abandoned vehicle while pictures and postings about the dogs began to circulate on social media. Volunteers from the animal center and other animal advocates arrived soon after to help the distressed canines. They were greeted by suspected dog sellers who did not want to give up the animals without a fight. Three volunteers were injured, but that did not stop the rescue.

Chen stated that the dogs were very weak, two had already died during the journey, and others were giving birth to puppies in these horrid conditions. According to volunteers, the terrible truck was on its way to southern China where dog meat is on many restaurant menus. Chen also said many of the dogs appeared to be pets and that one guardian found his beloved companion on the truck.

Sign the petition to ban the sale of lion meat!
Sign the petition to ban the dog meat trade in China!

The dogs are now being cared for by volunteers, yet their fates are unknown. Authorities are investigating this situation, but unfortunately, this is not an isolated incident.

Illegal trafficking of stolen dogs is a common problem in China. These canines are taken from their homes, only to be abused, neglected, and kept in unbearable conditions. Their captors often sell the stolen animals to various restaurants and food suppliers.

Dog trafficking is big business in China, and volunteers desperately need your help. Sign the petition to show support and to stop the abuse of man’s best friend.