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Since becoming a widespread Internet sensation, Grumpy Cat—also known by her real name Tardar Sauce—is living the lavish celebrity life. The adorable cranky feline flew in to South by Southwest (SXSW) festival in Austin, Texas to shoot a Friskies commercial. During her stay, she got to experience all the perks that come with being an online superstar, and she managed to steal a huge Hollywood hunk’s heart! 

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Ian Somerhalder poses with Internet sensation Grumpy Cat. Photo credit:

TMZ reported that the sourpuss flew first class, got a full-time assistant to brush her fur, only drank bottled water, had her own private chauffeur, a king-size bed, and made five figures for her appearance! Not only that, but she also decided to chill with Vampire Diaries star, Ian Somerhalder. Not bad for a cat, right?

Ian was so taken in by Grumpy Cat’s charms, whom he called “precious,” that he said he almost stole her. The Hollywood hottie also talked about the fact that Grumpy cat’s name was mentioned 52 million times in a 24 hour period. “I wish we could have that many mentions for, you know, adoption…If you love Grumpy Cat, and you can’t get a munchkin Siamese with blue eyes, go get another cat…They’re all adorable and at times grumpy. Go get your own grumpy cat.”

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