The Biggest Animal Killer On Earth

(WILDLIFE TRAFFICKING) Vixay Keosavang, or more infamously known as the “Pablo Escobar of wildlife trafficking,” is the single largest known wildlife trafficker in Asia. Xaysavang Trading, one of Mr. Vixay’s companies, recently perpetrated one of the biggest swindles in environmental crime history according to rhino horn smuggling experts. Despite overwhelming evidence, officials in his homeland of Laos have refused to pursue any sort of investigation into his awful empire, leaving him essentially untouchable. Without stopping him, wildlife officials say that there is little hope of dismembering a business empire that they say connects Africa to Asia and ultimately, to customers of ivory and traditional medicines in China and Vietnam. Read the article below to unveil the sad truth behind the most villainous wildlife smuggler to ever exist. — Global Animal
Vixay Keosavang
Vixay Keosavang’s company has been implicated in widescale international wildlife trafficking for nearly a decade. Photo credit: Oscap

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