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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Canadian Air Force To Transport Bob Barker’s Elephants

(ACTIVISM) Under pressure from Bob Barker, Zoocheck Canada, and PETA, three adult elephants from the Toronto Zoo will soon be retiring to the Performing Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) in San Andreas, California. Long-time activist Bob Barker is personally fronting $850,000 for the animals' transportation in agreement with the Royal Canadian Air Force. Read on to learn more about the anticipated journey and the elephants' soon-to-be new home. — Global Animal

Cat Gives The Weekend A Thumbs Up

(ANIMAL VIDEO) It's the weekend, and Jimmy is kicking back like The Fonz would if he were a cat. Watch his thumbs-up, and later, a cool, "See ya later." — Global Animal

Rangers Kill Poachers To Save Rhinos In South Africa

(POACHING) Given the surging demand for rhino horn in China and Vietnam, an estimated 188 rhinos have been poached in South Africa since the start of the year, with 135 killed in Kruger National Park alone. On Wednesday, when park rangers were on patrol, they encountered a group of suspected poachers from Mozambique. When shooting ensued, three of the poachers were killed. Continue reading to learn more about the grand attempts to protect white rhino populations in South Africa. — Global Animal

Hope For World’s Most Endangered Wild Cat

(ENDANGERED SPECIES) Hope for the world's most endangered wild cat, the Iberian lynx, has arrived! For the first time, scientists have successfully collected and preserved the feline's embryos which may help save the species. The cat's declining population is in critical condition with less than 200 accounted for a decade ago. Scientists hope that by preserving the embryos, they may be able to use surrogate mothers from closely related species to boost the Iberian lynx population. Read more about the Iberian lynx and this scientific triumph. — Global Animal

The Sea Hare’s Weapon Of Choice

(ANIMAL SCIENCE) The sea hare, a type of sea slug, possesses a weapon of smell destruction. Aquatic-dwellers tend not to mess with these molluscs, and now scientists know why. A study was conducted analyzing the sea hare's opaline, a powerful substance the gastropod squirts at enemies conjointly with ink. Scientists tested how other marine animals reacted to the natural chemical defense, and the outcome was not pretty. Read on about the dangerous sea hare and the slug's venomous weapon of choice. — Global Animal

Dog Plays Hard To Get With A Cow

(ANIMAL VIDEO) Just a cow looking for some love. But Bow the dog doesn't kiss on the first date. — Global Animal

Pilot Whales Stranded In South Africa

(OCEANS) During 2009, 55 whale carcasses were removed after the marine mammals beached themselves in South Africa. Earlier this week, a similar situation occurred when 19 pilot whales were stranded on Noordhoek Beach near Cape Town. Six of the 19 whales have died, and some of the others may be euthanized. Read on for more on what volunteers and police are doing to help save the remaining 13 whales. — Global Animal

Dolphin Mom Mourns Loss Of Calf (VIDEO)

(OCEANS) In a heartbreaking show of grief, a mother dolphin was recorded carrying her dead calf on her dorsal fin. Captain Dave's Dolphin and Whale Watching Safari in California noticed the dolphin carrying her dead baby on her back off the shores of Dana Point. Read on to find out more about this tender and sad moment, and see the heart-wrenching video for yourself. — Global Animal

1,000 Dead Ducks Left Afloat In China River

(ANIMAL NEWS) As if 16,000 dead pigs in a river wasn't bad enough, new reports from China indicate that another animal-river-dumping crisis is taking place. One-thousand dead ducks were found floating in the Nanhe river, which is fortunately not a source of drinking water. It's unclear why the ducks are being dumped in the river, but the reasoning could be related to the reasons for the pig dumping—a disease outbreak. Hopefully China will find a more sanitary way of handling deceased animals. Read on to find out more about this unsettling news. — Global Animal

Kitten Falls Asleep Playing

(ANIMAL VIDEO) This adorable Persian kitten, Moo Moo, is so pooped from playing with her favorite toy that she falls asleep in the middle of the fun! — Global Animal

Stars Inspire Change At HSUS Genesis Awards

(ANIMAL ACTIVISM) Saturday night's 27th annual Genesis Awards Benefit Gala welcomed a myriad of stars to the Beverly Hilton to support the live-saving efforts of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and honor the role that news and entertainment media play in advocating for animal rights. Hosted for the second year in a row by “Dancing with the Stars" judge Carrie Ann Inaba, this year’s top winners included "Big Miracle” for best Feature Film, “The Colbert Report” for bringing attention to dogfighting, “Ivory Wars” for it's in-depth portrayal of the thriving ivory trade, and many more. Continue reading for more on the event and take a look at the full list of winners. — Global Animal

Japan Animal Heroes Face Criminal Charges

(ANIMAL RESCUE) After Japan's massive 2011 earthquake, a devastating nuclear crisis ensued. Cooling systems at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station failed shortly after the earthquake which led to reactor explosions and partial nuclear meltdowns. More than 200,000 residents were evacuated while tens of thousands of animals were left behind amidst the chaos. Soon after tragedy struck, Hiroshi Hoshi and his son, Leo Hoshi, sprung into action to help animals in need who were trapped in the Fukushima exclusion zone, the area surrounding the nuclear plant that has been evacuated due to radioactive contamination. The heroic duo founded NGO Hoshi Family Animal Welfare and immediately embarked on their animal rescue mission. Read more about this brave father-and-son team and the criminal charges they are facing for helping animals in need. — Global Animal

Africa’s Oldest Penguin Fossils Discovered

(ANIMAL DISCOVERY) Lately, scientists have been making some groundbreaking discoveries. Giant prehistoric camels and the oldest living molecules have made their marks on science, and now our favorite tuxedoed birds have joined the ranks. Researchers in South Africa excavated penguin fossils from 10 to 12 million years ago, deeming them the oldest fossils of their kind ever found on the continent. This monumental uncovering could help explain why the number of penguin species in Africa has dwindled from four species 5 million years ago to just one today. Read more about this latest penguin discovery and the only remaining African penguin species of today. — Global Animal

Michigan Governor Approves Bear Cub Petting Zoos (VIDEO)

(ANIMAL WELFARE) Michigan will soon allow its residents and visitors to interact with bear cubs after Republican Governor Rick Snyder approved a “bear cub petting zoo” bill on Tuesday. Originally called the Large Carnivore Act which prohibited people to have direct contact with carnivores, the amended measure will now permit the public to pet, hold, feed, and take pictures with bear cubs up to 36 weeks old and weighing up to 90 pounds. Fortunately, the measure only applies to businesses that already offer bear petting and will not lead to a spike in bear petting zoos across the state. However, it should be obvious the bill is neither safe for humans nor the cubs as it compromises animal welfare as well as public safety. Read on to learn about the reasons for the amended measure and watch the video below of visitors playing with bear cubs to judge for yourself. — Global Animal