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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Puppy Gets Mad At A Vibrating Ball

(ANIMAL VIDEO) This is Ricochet at six weeks old, attacking a giggle n' rock ball. — Global Animal

Best In Show Business: 30 Songs About Animals

(CULTURE) The 2013 Grammy Awards have finally arrived! And what better way to celebrate than with some of your favorite songs about animals? Check out our list of the 30 best animal songs of all time—from birds to spiders, and everything in between! — Global Animal

Sugar Glider Enjoys A Snack

(ANIMAL VIDEO) Gizmo the sugar glider has very polite snacktiquette. — Global Animal

Misión Gaia: A Savior To Colombian Pets & Wildlife

(ACTIVISM) Misión Gaia is a Colombian non-government organization which, along with habitat protection and animal welfare, serves to protect Mother Earth and its resources. Focusing primarily in the Santa Marta area of Columbia, members and volunteers work to contribute to the conservation of biological resources and animal welfare and to promote sustainable development and support educational strategies in the Caribbean Coast. Read on to learn more about how Misión Gaia works to keep this special part of the world preserved, protected, and sacred. — Global Animal

Animals On Wheels That Will Melt Your Heart

(LIFE WITH PETS) What do a baby pig, a goldfish, and a frisky feline all have in common? These three beloved animals all live with physical disabilities. They also have guardians that have gone the extra mile and a half for each one of them. Providing them with mobility like they have never had before, these charming animal companions are now equipped with one-of-a-kind wheelchairs made especially for them. Read on to learn the stories of Chris P. Bacon, the viral video goldfish, and Flipper the cat. — Global Animal

Pet Tortoise Found After 30 Years

(PETS) A family in Brazil has great reason to celebrate after recently discovering their pet tortoise still alive after going missing in 1982. The tortoise named Manuela was found in a box of broken records one day and she is suspected to have lived in the family's storage closet for three decades. Read on for more on this happy ending and learn how the tortoise miraculously survived. — Global Animal

Cat Swims Laps

(ANIMAL VIDEO) This cat invented the kitty paddle! — Global Animal

Puppy Bowl Animals Score New Homes

(PUPPIES) While the animals scored big in this year's top Super Bowl ads, the adoptable pups from Puppy Bowl IX were also given something to bark about. After more than 12.4 million people tuned in for the annual cute fest, the adorable 63 puppies and 21 kittens that participated were all adopted! Read on for more on the show's turnout and watch the video of this year's MVP. — Global Animal

Another BarkWorks Successfully Shut Down

(PET STORES) Thanks to animal activists far and wide, one of BarkWorks’ biggest facilities was recently shut down at the Westside Pavillion in Los Angeles, CA. The dishonorable pet store chain has long been targeted by animal activists for selling sick dogs from puppy mills, which are known for their atrocious conditions. Now, as a result of the continued efforts of organizations like Best Friends Animal Society and Animal Protection and Rescue League (APRL) in Orange County, BarkWorks in Mission Viejo, CA has also closed its doors. The store is the third BarkWorks to close since 2010. Read on to find out what the cities of Los Angeles and Burbank are doing to help put an end to the puppy mill industry once and for all. — Global Animal

Animals Touchdown In Top Super Bowl Ads

(CULTURE) It comes as no surprise that animals dominated Super Bowl commercials yet again this year. With a Budweiser commercial that made everyone's hearts melt to perhaps a hilarious Doritos commercial starring a snack-loving goat, the Baltimore Ravens weren't the only animals winning this past weekend. Being the first Super Bowl to take place since all of the top 10 advertising agencies in the U.S. agreed not to use great apes in their ads, not one of this year’s commercials featured chimpanzees or other great apes. In addition, many commercials used computer-generated imagery CGI to portray other exotic animals. Here are just a few of this year's favorites. — Global Animal

Police Officer Kidnaps Dog In Daring Rescue

(DOG RESCUE) DENMARK — Lars Bo Lomholt, a Denamrk police officer, has been accused of kidnapping a German Shepherd scheduled to be euthanized for biting another dog. The officer now faces criminal charges and discharge from the North Zealand police department. Thor, the 7-year-old German Shepherd, bit a smaller dog once after being startled. Soon after, it was determined by the police department that the dog's behavior was "unnatural," and Thor was taken away from his rightful guardian. Read on to learn more about this heroic tale and sign the petition to support this brave animal lover. — Global Animal

Elaine Hendrix Launches “The Pet Matchmaker”

(ANIMAL ACTIVISTS) LOS ANGELES — Elaine Hendrix, an award-winning actress best known for her rolls in The Parent Trap and What the Bleep Do We Know!?, has launched a new website for potential and existing pet parents everywhere. Created by Hendrix and her team of animal experts and aficionados, The Pet Matchmaker, helps animal guardians find their perfect pet companions. The website also offers continuous care advice and a variety of animal-centric articles that will keep pet lovers informed and educated. Elaine Hendrix, a long time animal activist, also hosts radio's The Pet Care Minute, where she shares helpful tips with listeners on caring for their pets. Read on to learn more about Elaine Hendrix and — Global Animal

Dog Walks In Boots

(ANIMAL VIDEO) Lou knows how to walk in style—and on two legs! — Global Animal

Oldest Spider Crab Fossils Uncovered

(ANIMAL SCIENCE) SPAIN — The fossils of eight new crustacean species were discovered in the Koskobilo quarry in Northern Spain. Of these eight, two spider crab species were discovered that lived one hundred million years ago—making them the oldest known spider crab species to date. The previous oldest spider crab species is millions of years younger. Read more to learn about these new crustaceans and their former habitat. — Global Animal