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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Dog Loves Balloons

(ANIMAL VIDEO) It turns out Sponge Dog loves balloons, too! — Global Animal

Whale Wars End In Battle Royale

(OCEANS) Sea Shepherd alleges that two of its vessels were hit by a Japanese ship in Australian Antarctic waters. The incident occurred after the anti-whaling group was ordered to leave the area by a Japanese whaling boat. This lead to the use of "concussion grenades" and more severe vessel damage. Paul Watson, the founder of Sea Shepherd, says it is unlikely the whalers will resume their hunt this season. Read more to find out why the whale hunt might not continue. — Global Animal

Dogs Spot The Dog

(DOGS) Even though the Chihuahua, Bullmastiff, and Old English Sheepdog don’t look like members of the same species in the slightest, new studies prove that a pooch knows a fellow pooch when he or she sees one. Dominique Autier-Derian of France's National Veterinary School and his team explored whether dogs—with 400 breeds and the greatest morphological diversity of any species—have trouble recognizing other dogs as their own. Read on to find out what their study uncovered about "man's best friend." — Global Animal

World’s Squeakiest Frog

(ANIMAL VIDEO) A rare video of the diminutive Namaqua Rain Frog, a species native to South Africa, showing off most adorable mating call ever. — Global Animal

Greek Grief: The Stray Animal Crisis

(PETS) Greece, a nation rich with culture and tradition, has been faced with many issues over the past few years including a sovereign debt crisis, an economy on the decline, and an exceptionally high unemployment rate. One of its lesser known battles is the country’s struggle with legions of stray cats and dogs roaming the streets. These conditions are due to barbaric attitudes toward animals and the lack of legislation on their behalf. Read on to learn about this epidemic and see what you can do to help. — Global Animal

Dolphin ‘Super Mega-Pod’ Swarm California Coast (VIDEO)

(OCEANS) CALIFORNIA — A tour boat filled with passengers was taken by complete surprise last week after tens of thousands of dolphins spanning across seven miles of sea swarmed together off the coast of San Diego. As seen in a video uploaded to YouTube on Sunday, the boat's passengers screamed and pointed as they witnessed what the ship’s captain called a “super mega-pod” jumping up and down in a feeding frenzy. Capt. Joe Dutra of Hornblower Cruisestold NBC Bay Area that he spotted the estimated 100,000 common dolphins on Thursday around noon while he was on his daily tour. He said the pod was more than seven miles long and five miles wide. Read on to learn more about this rare phenomenon and watch the video of the spectacular footage. — Global Animal

Why Animal Testing Is Useless

(ANIMAL SCIENCE) Time and time again, animal testing has led to flawed results. And now, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, a scientific journal, has found that in the case of three diseases, sepsis, burns and trauma, animal testing has been not only useless, but also costly. Because animal DNA differs from human DNA, the results are often worthless. But unfortunately, the FDA still requires animal testing—meaning that even when there are more effective alternatives available like stem cell research, manufacturers will not use them because it won't pass the FDA standards. Read on to find out why it's important to change these outdated methods. — Global Animal

Dog Hates Twilight

(ANIMAL VIDEO) Gigglepup watches Twilight: Breaking Dawn and is clearly not a huge fan. — Global Animal

Troubled Country Star Kills Dog Then Self

(ANIMAL NEWS) On Sunday, country star Mindy McCready was found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The 37-year-old singer was battling substance abuse issues for several years, and her mental state became even more unstable after the father of her youngest child, David Wilson, committed suicide in January. Before the troubled star took her own life, she sadly also shot the family dog. McCready spoke to Dateline NBC about the fact that the dog actually discovered the bullet that killed Wilson. A sad story indeed, considering how pets typically help troubled individuals cope with depression and other mental disorders. Read on for more on the unfortunate tragedy. — Global Animal

Baby Elephant Lily Here To Stay

(ZOOS) Since her birth, there has been much speculation about what would happen to baby elephant Lily from the Oregon Zoo. The calf's future has been in question due to a contract between the zoo and the notorious elephant rental company, Have Trunk Will Travel (HTWT). For the purpose of genetic diversity, the Oregon Zoo mated their female Rose-Tu with HTWT's male, Tusko—leaving the future of the calves a bit uncertain. Fortunately, the zoo has taken the proper steps to ensure that Lily will remain with her mother by purchasing the rights to the elephant calf. Although this is the preferred outcome, it is distressing to learn that an abusive organization like HTWT received $400,000 that will help them continue their cruel elephant training techniques. Read on to learn more on HTWT and see what lies in store for Lily. — Global Animal

Katherine Heigl Launches Line For Pets In Need

(CELEBRITY) Emmy Award-winning actress Katherine Heigl recently announced her newest venture called Just One, which features a line of specially designed pet products. A portion of each sale will support animal welfare efforts and programs. "Animal cruelty and unnecessary euthanasia are a major problem in our country," said Heigl on her website. "Just One believes that if each one of us does one thing to help this problem we will together solve it." Each time someone purchases a Just One product, a percentage of that purchase will go towards spaying and neutering pets, helping sheltered animals find loving homes, and putting an end to the euthanization of nearly 10,000 companion animals a day. Read on to learn about the humane efforts of this famous animal lover. — Global Animal

Loyal Dog Attends Mass, Waits For Late Caretaker

(TOUCHING TALE) A dog inside of a church is a rather strange sight, but at the Santa Maria Assunta church in the Italian village of San Donaci, it's a routine. A seven-year-old German Shepherd named Ciccio has been regularly attending mass at the church that he used to visit with his caretaker for years. The loyal dog was adopted by Maria Margherita Lochi who passed away two months ago. Ever since, he's been attending mass, faithfully waiting for his human companion to return. Read on to find out more about this touching story. — Global Animal

11,000 Gabon Elephants Poached Since 2004

(POACHING) Earlier this week, the Wildlife Conservation Society announced that the Gabon’s Minkebe National Park, once home to Africa’s largest forest elephant population, has lost 11,100 individuals to the illegal ivory trade in less than a decade. Surveys suggest that one in every three elephants in what was once a sanctuary for forest elephants has been taken for ivory trinkets. In a statement delivered by Gabon's presidency, executive secretary of the country's national parks agency, Lee White, said the future of Africa's elephants would be compromised if rapid action were not taken. Read more about how this astonishingly sad statistic came to be. — Global Animal

Lab Rescues Frisbee For Frenchie

(ANIMAL VIDEO) This Yellow Lab could teach us a thing or two about lending a helping paw. — Global Animal