UPDATE: Contrary to earlier reports, Morrissey’s March concert at the Staples Center will be offering meat options to non-vegetarian patrons. The Los Angeles venue released a statement disputing Morrissey’s statement last Tuesday that his concert will only provide meatless options. “As we have done in the past, we are happy to create a menu with a greater variety of vegetarian items for our guests who prefer these types of options. We respect Morrissey’s lifestyle and his concern for the wishes of so many of his fans and are happy that we are able to honor his requests in this manner,” Staples Center officials said in a statement. “As Staples Center has previously coordinated on behalf of artists who have played the building, including Sir Paul MCCartney, all backstage catering will be 100 per cent meatless throughout the evening.” So, to cut a long story short, only backstage dishes will be purely vegetarian. But the good news is there will be an abundance of meat-free food concessions including vegan sloppy Joes, vegan sushi, as well as hummus and pita bread. — Global Animal
(CELEBRITY) Musician and long-time animal advocate Morrissey has achieved yet another great victory for animals and vegetarians. The British singer is set to perform at Staples Center on March 1st, and he made sure to make the venue meat-free for the night. The event center will close any nearby meat vendors to ensure that the fans will be treated to a 100 percent vegetarian show. The Smiths frontman even managed to outdo Paul McCartney whose same request was previously denied. But when it comes to animal welfare, Morrissey never budges. For instance, in one memorable moment of protest, Morrissey walked off stage during his 2012 Coachella performance because he could smell a barbecue. He apologized to his audience, while explaining, “The smell of burning animals is making me sick. I just couldn’t bear it.” Read on to learn more about the meat-free event and Morrissey’s compassionate lifestyle. — Global Animal 
Photo credit: morrisseywithcats.tumblr.com
The singer is especially known for his fondness of cats. Photo credit: morrisseywithcats.tumblr.com

Ecorazzi, Allyson Koerner

Musician, animal activist and vegetarian Morrissey is making history at the Staples Center by playing the very first meatless concert at the Los Angeles venue.

According to E! Online, on March 1st, while the former Smiths lead singer is putting on a show at the sold out event, fans will be able to munch on 100 percent vegetarian dishes.

“I don’t look upon it as a victory for me, but a victory for the animals,” Morrissey said in a press release.

He asked the event center to please close its McDonald’s outlets, and the Staples Center agreed. Furthermore, the venue and promoter Goldenvoice will give part of the sales to PETA.

Reportedly, Sir Paul McCartney, another animal activist and vegan, previously asked the Staples Center to do the same as Morrissey, but was denied.

For years, Morrissey has spoken against animal abuse and the pros of his vegetarian diet. He’s been cutting out animal products since the age of 11; he is now 53.

“It took me a long time to give up eggs, but I managed it. It’s all a moral question, and whether you approve or disapprove of cruelty. It has nothing to do with food since there are an abundance of alternatives to eating death.”

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