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Monthly Archives: January 2013

Dog Paints For Domestic Violence Victims

(PETS) LAS VEGAS — On Friday, December 28, Arbor the dog raised over two hundred dollars for a local shelter in Las Vegas, Nevada. The talented canine is an avid painter and his masterpiece was auctioned to raise money for Noah's Animal House and The Shade Tree Shelter. The shelter is a refuge for victims of domestic violence, their children and beloved pets. Built in 2007, the facility is one of the first establishments of its kind to allow furry friends. Since many womens' shelters do not allow pets, guardians are often forced to leave their companion behind where it is at risk of further abuse, torture or possible death. Thanks to Shade Tree and Noah's Animal House' compassionate founder Staci Columbo Alonso, these innocent animals do not have to be left to fend for themselves. Continue reading to learn more about the wonderful organization. — Global Animal 

Feds Bust Narwhal Tusk-Smuggling Ring

(OCEANS) MAINE — Government officials have broken up a narwhal tusk-smuggling ring in which, for nearly a decade, two Canadians have been transporting the whales' ivory tusks from the Canadian Arctic into Calais, Maine. The tusks, which can grow up to eight feet long, sell for thousands of dollars each, but are illegal to import in the U.S. Continue reading to learn more about this underground demand for narwhal tusks in the U.S. and the illegal cross-border exchange. — Global Animal

PETA’s Person Of The Year: Anjelica Huston

(ANIMAL ACTIVISTS) Actress Anjelica Huston is perhaps best known for her recent work in films like Wes Anderson's The Royal Tenenbaums, but she is also quite the animal activist. Not only has she worked to prevent the use of performing great apes, but this year, she also voiced her strong opposition to the fur and horse-drawn carriage industries. Given her accomplishments, PETA has recently named the Academy Award-winning actress their 2012 Person of the Year. Read on to learn more about Huston's great achievements in animal advocacy. — Global Animal

Cat Rug Stealer

(ANIMAL VIDEO) Lily the cat just loves rugs! — Global Animal

Top 10 Vegan Recipes Of 2012

(VEGAN) Trying to stick to your New Year's resolution? Ecorazzi has shared a delicious list of their top 10 favorite vegan recipes of last year. Whether you are converting to a new cruelty-free lifestyle or just trying to shed a few pounds, these tasty treats are sure to delight your tastebuds! — Global Animal

China Finds Antibiotic In Panda Blood

(PANDAS) Although there are only 1,600 giant pandas currently left in the wild, scientists in China have nonetheless undergone efforts to manufacture giant panda blood and retrieve a potent antibiotic called cathelicidin-AM. Unlike other well-known antibiotics which take more then six hours to kill bacteria, cathelicidin-AM can do the job in less than an hour. Although the team of scientists have figured out a way to synthesize the compound artificially in a lab, the fact that this highly endangered species is being poked and prodded at for scientific means is not acceptable under any circumstance. Read below for more information on this issue and give us your opinion on exploiting animal resources for human benefits in the comments below. — Global Animal

Kenyans Protect Wildlife From Poachers

(WILDLIFE CONSERVATION) Communities in Kenya, and across all of Africa, are mobilizing to protect wildlife from poachers. While poaching and the ivory trade can be profitable, the money brought in from tourism is far more lucrative. Realizing they need to protect local creatures as a renewable and valuable resource, local citizens are arming themselves, forming militias, and patrolling the wilderness. — Global Animal

Great Dane & Baby Snuggle

(ANIMAL VIDEO) Watch scooby cuddle up with baby Cade. — Global Animal

Tell The Rodeo To Buck Off!

(RODEO) AUSTRALIA — Animals Australia, an animal protection organization, has diligently investigated rodeos across the continent and witnessed "countless animals frightened, distressed, and put at grave risk of injury or even death." The non-profit witnessed another account of rodeo injury when a bull recently broke his leg while attempting to buck the rider off his back. On December 26 at Myrtleford Golden Spurs Rodeo, a bull named 'Madness' suffered a broken bone that protruded from his debilitated knee. The innocent animal stumbled around the arena in obvious agony until the stockmen forced him behind a blue sheet where he was euthanized. This horrific incident is not uncommon for rodeo animals. These docile beings are forced by entertainment lusty humans into an environment which causes them immutable pain and stress. Continue reading to see how you can help end this cruel practice. — Global Animal

Legal Victories For Animals In 2012

(ANIMAL POLITICS) With the start of the new year, we wanted to look back on some of the victories achieved during the last twelve months. States like California, Idaho, and Tennessee passed landmark laws toughening anti-cruelty laws, regulating puppy mills, and banning the ownership of exotic animals. Read on to learn more about the new laws enacted to protect animals. — Global Animal

Cat Crashes Wedding

(ANIMAL VIDEO) This newlywed couple are just trying to enjoy their special day, until the cat stole the show. — Global Animal