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Monthly Archives: January 2013

Washington Humane Society Flocks To The Rescue

(FARM) Last week, the Washington Humane Society came to the rescue of 106 fuzzy chicks who, thanks to a shipping error, were recently waylaid at a post office in Northeast D.C. The ownership of the baby Rhode Island Reds—who were initially destined for Blountsville, Alabama—was eventually transferred to the D.C. Post Office over concern that the chicks would not survive another trip. The chicks were then wisely relayed to the Washington Humane Center who provided them with heating lamps, blankets, food, and water until moving to their new home alongside our friends at Farm Sanctuary in New York. Read on to learn more about this heartwarming rescue story and watch the video below. — Global Animal

Golden Globe Winner Adopts Dog

(CELEBRITY PETS) Lena Dunham is one lucky lady. Not only did she win two Golden Globes at Sunday's 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards, but she also has a new guy in her life, and no, it's not her boyfriend Jack Antonoff. The Girls creator recently adopted a dog named Lamby from a shelter in Brooklyn. Read on to find out more about the adorable pooch. — Global Animal

Animal Planet Set To Debut Rhino Wars

(ANIMAL CONSERVATION) Along with the recent announcement that Animal Planet was renewing the sixth season of the hit program ”Whale Wars,” was the revealing of another conservation-themed reality mini-series titled “Battleground: Rhino Wars.” The program follows the work of a group of former-military commandos fighting against rhinoceros poaching in South Africa. Marjorie Kaplan, the president and general manager of Animal Planet, states “Battleground: Rhino Wars is the next evolution in Animal Planet’s muscular conservation strand.” Read on to learn more about the progressive show and take our poll, "Will you watch Animal Planet's 'Rhino Wars'?" — Global Animal

Ohio Governor Signs Puppy Mill Law

(PUPPY MILLS) Last week, Governor John Kasich signed Senate Bill 130—set to take effect this spring—that will finally crack down on puppy mills in the state of Ohio. Under the new law, large-scale dog breeding establishments will be subject to new state licensing and annual veterinary inspections. Read on to learn more about the progressive step forward for the state formerly known as a "haven for disreputable large-scale dog breeders." — Global Animal

Corgi Puppy Attacks Her Treat

(ANIMAL VIDEO) Lily Noel the Corgi puppy knows a thing or two about playing with her food. — Global Animal

One Of The Bravest Squirrels

(ANIMAL VIDEO) Don't tease the eagles! — Global Animal

Kittens Knead Some Love

(ANIMAL VIDEO) “Sometimes I think our relationship is too kneady.” — Global Animal

United Airlines Bans Shipping Primates To Labs

(ANIMAL TESTING) Thanks to PETA's vigorous year-long campaign on social media as well as in public protests, United Airlines has finally decided to ban the transport of primates to laboratories—following in the footsteps of Air Canada who also banned the shipment of primates at the end of last year. That means not a single major airline based in North America will transport primates to laboratories where they are confined and tortured for their entire lives. Read on to learn more about this tremendous victory! — Global Animal

Labradoodle Look-A-Like Mistaken For Lion

(ANIMAL NEWS/DOGS) A labradoodle dog with a very convincing haircut has caused an uproar amongst residents of Norfolk, Virginia, after being mistaken for a lion roaming the streets of their quiet neighborhoods. With a dyed tail and a fluffy coat groomed to resemble a lion’s mane by professional groomers, DoggyStyle, this king of canines is actually a Labrador-poodle mix named Charles the Monarch. Read on to learn more about Virgnia's very-own lab-a-lion. — Global Animal

ASPCA Makes Shocking Decision In Ringling Bros. Lawsuit

(POLITICS) In a move that shocked many, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) has decided to pay Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus a huge $9.3 million settlement to end charges of litigation abuse. The lawsuit revolves around the circus' unethical treatment of Asian elephants and was originally filed in July 2000 by Performing Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) on behalf of the ASPCA, AWI, FFA, Tom Rider, and others. After it was dismissed by a judge for lacking evidence, the producer of the circus filed a RICO action against the animal welfare groups involved. The case is still pending. Read on to learn more about the ASPCA's shocking decision to settle and sign the petition calling on the USDA to revoke Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus’ exhibitors’ license and carry out a full investigation. — Global Animal

Red Panda Loves Snow

(ANIMAL VIDEO) This adorable red panda is having a blast in his very own winter wonderland! — Global Animal

Barking Up The Wrong Tree: Everyday Pet Dangers

(PET CARE) By being lax on preventative care or unknowingly exposing your pet to toxins, you could be shortening their lifespan without even knowing it. But this can be easily prevented, and being informed is the first step. In the article below, learn more about preventative measures such as pet vaccination, providing your pet with a balanced diet, potential pet allergies, as well as tending to your pet's emotional health. — Global Animal

Elephant Mass Shooting In Kenya

(WILDLIFE) According to wildlife officials, a family of 11 elephants were recently killed in what is being referred to as the biggest mass shooting of the threatened species on record in Kenya. The killings took place on Saturday in Tsavo East National Park, one of the country's tourism gems and Kenya's largest single continuous ecosystem home to approximately 13,000 elephants. Although elephant poaching in Kenya witnessed a sharp decline after 1989 when the government banned the ivory trade, there has been a rise in illegal practice in recent years with tens of thousands of elephants being killed—more than at any other point in decades. Read on to learn more about the horrifying incident and sign the petition to help protect elephants and enforce a total ban on the sale of ivory. — Global Animal

The red wolf is one of the world's most endangered animals.

Hunted Red Wolves Mistaken For Coyotes

(ENDANGERED SPECIES) NORTH CAROLINA — According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife services, the Red Wolf is one of the most endangered species in the world. In a recent statement by the Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund, "fewer than 100 red wolves remain in the wild." The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission recently approved coyote hunting within the area that is the only natural environment red wolves inhabit. As a result of the recent ruling, red wolves are at risk of being murdered. Since the ordinance, two red wolves have already been shot by mistaken hunters. Continue reading to learn how you can help these innocent canines. — Global Animal