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Monthly Archives: January 2013

Dog Skype

(ANIMAL VIDEO) Gaytor, a wire-haired fox terrier, loves to Skype with other dogs to engage in conversational woof-ing. — Global Animal

Mutilated Dog Makes Touching Recovery

(TOUCHING TALE) A dog who was reportedly mutilated by drug traffickers in Mexico City can now happily run and play again. Pay de Limon, or Lemon Pie, as he was adorably named by his caretakers, is recovering at Milagros Caninos (Canine Miracles) where he received a new pair of prosthetic front legs. Read on to find out more about this sad story with a happy ending and watch the video to witness the strong impact Milagros Caninos made in just one dog's life. — Global Animal

Betty White’s Birthday Wish To Save Animals

(ANIMAL ACTIVIST) Today, in honor of her 91st birthday, Betty White is once again asking friends and fans to donate to the Morris Animal Foundation in lieu of gifts. This year, in an attempt to garner $10,000 for the organization she has been a part of for over 40 years, the Golden Girl published her birthday wish in a letter to the public on the Huffington Post. Read the letter below and make sure to wish this beaming animal advocate a very happy birthday! — Global Animal

Montana Wolf Hunting In Question

(WOLVES) With the Northwestern U.S. becoming a wolf slaughterhouse, District Judge Brenda Gilbert will now decide whether or not wolf hunting should continue outside of Yellowstone National Park. And while 149 wolves were reported killed in Montana alone through the beginning of this week, wildlife officials are urging to reinstate a temporary ban on the killing of wolves within two areas north of Yellowstone to keep the park's wolves safe from hunting in Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho. Read on to learn more about the bitter, decades-long conflict plaguing hunters and wildlife advocates. — Global Animal

Maru Plays In The Snow

(ANIMAL VIDEO) It may be cold and gray outside, but things got so much better once we found out that Maru wears a little blue hoodie when it snows.— Global Animal

Hemingway Cats Draw Tourists And A Legal Battle

(CATS) The Hemingway Home and Museum in Key West, Florida has become synonymous for its reputation as the one-time dwelling of late author as well as its 45 six-toed gypsy cats—descendants of the cats Ernest Hemingway actually kept while he lived in the house. For generations, the Hemingway cats have been said to foster good luck, but last month, the the United States Court of Appeals ruled that the agency has the power to regulate the cats under the Animal Welfare Act. Because the museum advertises the cats as a part of the attraction, the agency feels that the museum requires a federal license for exhibiting animals. However, while a number of investigators have been sent out to visit the Hemingway cats over the years, all have found nothing but a bunch of fat and happy felines. Read on to learn more the curious case. — Global Animal

19 Dogs You Need In 2013 (GALLERY)

(DOG PICTURES) Is the New Year already off to a rough start? Maybe you just need one of these 19 dogs in your life! Check out this clever photo gallery, provided by Buzzfeed. — Global Animal

Dogs Interrupt Soccer Game, Cuteness Ensues (VIDEO)

(ANIMAL VIDEO) A soccer game between Turkish team Galatasaray and Germany's VfR Aalen was brought to a halt this past weekend after a pair of unlikely players darted onto the field. Two Labrador Retriever pups entered the field about 52 minutes into the game playing tug-of-war with what appears to be a plastic bag. The whistle was blown and the match came to a standstill as the players watched the pups in awe. The dogs even stopped by to say 'hello' to player 33, Cidimar Rodrigues da Silva. Watch the video of the adorable interruption and have a laugh. — Global Animal

Raccoons throughout the West Coast of the United States may put humans at risk for a fatal strain of brain cancer. Photo Credit: Getty Images

Raccoons With Brain Cancer Could Pose Threat To Humans

(WILDLIFE) A recent surge of fatal brain cancer in raccoons on the U.S. West Coast has prompted an investigation, given the frequent encounters between the animals and humans. A new virus is thought to be the cause for the outbreak and there are no current signs that it could be passed on to humans, but researchers are still nevertheless concerned. Seeing that raccoons thrive in neighborhood settings, this outbreak could be another sign that our environment is in trouble. Read on for more about the raccoons recent unusual behavior, and the risks it may pose for humans. — Global Animal

Puppy Teaches Puppy To Go Downstairs

(ANIMAL VIDEO) See what happens when 6-month-old lab mix teaches this 8-week-old foster pup how to walk down the stairs. Too cute! — Global Animal

Cat Walks 200 Miles To Get Home

(TOUCHING TALES) FLORIDA — In November of last year, Jacob and Bonnie Richter of West Palm Beach, Florida brought their cat Holly on a family vacation to nearby Daytona. When fireworks went off near the motorhome they were staying in, Holly bolted from the vehicle. After relentless efforts to recover their beloved feline, the Richters unfortunately had to return home without their cat companion. 200 miles from their vacation destination, Jacob and Bonnie never expected to see their loved one again. But, in a shocking turn of unexpected events, Holly, a determined kitty, recently completed a 200 mile, 60 day journey back to her hometown and guardians. Continue reading to learn the full tale of this dedicated cat's amazing feat. — Global Animal 

Paul Watson Steps Down From Sea Shepherd

(ANIMAL ACTIVISM) Founder and president of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS), Paul Watson, has recently announced his resignation as President of the U.S. and Australia chapters as well as his command of the ship Steve Irwin and as campaign leader for Operation Zero Tolerance. In compliance with a court ruling to temporarily block the SSCS from attacking whalers or coming within 450 metres of their ships in the Antarctic, Watson has now taken on the role as an "observer," working behind the scenes for the anti-poaching organization. With Watson removing himself and the U.S. chapter named specifically in the ruling, the anti-whaling organization’s other international chapters are free to move forward with their conservation efforts. Read on to learn more about the activist's bold decision. — Global Animal

NYC Stray Cats Given Place To Call Home

(ANIMAL ACTIVISM) NEW YORK CITY — Moss-covered coolers and recycled aluminum can enclosures are New York City's newest architectural feats. On January 10, Big Apple architects proudly displayed their designs and constructions.Three years ago, architect Leslie Farrell established Architects for Animals, a movement to bring attention to the high population of feral cats in the metropolis. Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals' spokesman Steve Gruber estimates that the number of feral cats in the capital is in the hundreds of thousands or even millions. According to the NYTimes, Farrell's goals are "bringing attention to the plight of feral cats and recruiting architects to create shelters that are warm, portable, safe, easy to clean and affordable." Continue reading to learn about the many recent innovations created for homeless felines. — Global Animal 

Bird Sings Dubstep

(ANIMAL VIDEO) Just Harvey the bird dropping some fat beats. — Global Animal