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Monthly Archives: January 2013

Cat Helps Baby Learn English

(ANIMAL VIDEO) Watch this considerate cat help this little baby learn English! — Global Animal

Girl Rescues Wild Horse In “Extreme Mustang Makeover”

(ANIMAL ACTIVISM) NEW YORK — For years, the Bureau of Land Management has been using helicopters to corral and subsequently contain wild mustangs in order to claim their natural environment for industrial purposes. To raise awareness about the issue and promote adoption, the Mustang Heritage has been hosting a competition called the "Extreme Mustang Makeover" in which contestants take care of and train a mustang rescued from the government enforced pens. Summer Brennan is this year's winner and her story tells of the extraordinary bond she formed with a "completely wild mustang." Continue reading to learn about the amazing help she provides to mistreated and misplaced equestrians. — Global Animal 

Three-Legged Dog Caught Stealing (VIDEO)

(LIFE WITH PETS) A clever three-legged dog has become a star in New Zealand after being caught on film stealing food from a store. The video surveillance shows the crafty canine thief entering the store, walking over to a meat cooler, and quickly exiting with a "dog roll" gripped in his hungry jaws. The 10-year-old German short-haired pointer named Oscar is now living peacefully at the pound with an overflow of adoption requests pouring in every day. Read on to learn more about the amusing story and watch the video below. — Global Animal

General Mills To Pork Industry: No More Gestation Crates

(ANIMAL WELFARE) Following in the footsteps of companies like Oscar Meyer, The Cheesecake Factory, McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, Costco, and many more, Minneapolis-based General Mills has announced that it will be eliminating gestation crates from its pork supply chains. As one of America's leading food companies, the decision comes in response to the public's deep concerns about the inhumane treatment of farm animals.  However, the development and implementation of more humane methods could take up to 10 years. Read on to learn more about this progressive, small step forward. — Global Animal

Houdini Horse Escapes From Stable

(ANIMAL VIDEO) Was this horse in The Great Escape with Steve McQueen? — Global Animal

Update: Scooter Becomes A Therapy Dog

(TOUCHING TALE) Scooter, the adorable pit bull that was used as a robbery dog, is now a breed ambassador. After her caretaker was arrested for robbery, in which he used Scooter as a weapon, she was taken to Multnomah County Animal Services where they searched for resources to rehabilitate her. Scooter was already very friendly to begin with, but the shelter wanted to make her adoption-ready so they enlisted Born Again Pit Bull Rescue (BAPBR) for help. Read on to see what Scooter's up to now that she has an official therapy license. — Global Animal

Wood Bison Reintroduced To Alaska

(WILDLIFE CONSERVATION) ANCHORAGE — By the early 20th century, wild wood bison had completely vanished for reasons still unclear to scientists. Yet, under an agreement announced last week, North America's largest living land mammals could roam the Alaskan lower Yukon River area by 2014. Currently, Canadian officials have rebuilt their wild wood bison population to approximately 9,000. And while the animal is classified as threatened, the population will be managed by Alaska state wildlife officials, who ultimately plan to allow limited hunting. Read on to learn more about these conservation efforts. — Global Animal

Thousands Of Dead Fish On South Carolina Beaches

(OCEANS) SOUTH CAROLINA — Tens of thousands of dead fish washed up dead on the Atlantic Coast last week, with approximately 30,000 to 40,000 menhaden fish, 6 to 8 inches long, spread along a mile and a half stretch of beach from DeBordieu Beach in Georgetown County to Pawleys Island in South Carolina. Similar incidents have occurred in the area before, including two weeks ago when another hundreds of thousands of fish washed ashore Masonboro Island, North Carolina. Marine experts have determined that the fish died from hypoxia, which occurs when the amount of oxygen in the water depletes. Read on to learn more about this entirely natural phenomenon and see what the city plans to do with the dead fish. — Global Animal

Smart Cat Plays Shell Game

(ANIMAL VIDEO) Kido the cat plays the shell game for the first time ever. — Global Animal

Sloth Attack

(ANIMAL VIDEO) He's coming for you! — Global Animal

Cat Meets Snow

(ANIMAL VIDEO) Fletcher the cat meets snow for the first time! — Global Animal

Zero Bark Thirty Features Seal Team Six Dog Cairo

(WORKING MILITARY DOGS/ANIMAL VIDEO) Katie Rich, a member of the world famous Second City Theatre in Chicago and avid animal rights advocate, has teamed up with her fellow cast members and created Zero Bark Thirty, a "companion piece" to the critically acclaimed film, Zero Dark Thirty. The short film satirizes and celebrates the struggles of all soldiers through the memorable story of Cairo, a Belgian Malinois military dog, who is famously known for his assistance in the take down of Osama Bin Laden along with Seal Team 6. Read on to learn more about the film and check out the video for yourself. — Global Animal

Sisters Adopt Dog With One Million Facebook Likes

(TOUCHING TALE) On January 15, two young sisters started a Facebook that accumulated 226,ooo followers within 24 hours with a profile picture that gained 1.2 million 'likes' within just seven hours. After the girls and their family lost their beloved dog to cancer, the children wanted another family dog. When they asked their parents, their dad told them that they could only if they received over one million likes on Facebook. Thanks to the compassion of Facebookers worldwide, these determined girls proved their doubtful father wrong. These two animal lovers and their family will soon be welcoming a furry friend into their home. Continue reading to learn more about the sisters' amazing story. — Global Animal

$1.2 Million Worth Of Elephant Ivory Seized In Kenya

(POACHING) Kenyan customs officials seized 638 pieces of elephant ivory this week in a shipment believed to be worth a whopping $1.2 million. This shocking find comes approximately a week after a family of 11 elephants were shot and killed in a Kenyan park for their ivory tusks. Elephants across Africa have become increasingly threatened by poachers in recent years as the demand for ivory trinkets continues to rise in Asia—particularly China. And despite the East African country’s ban on the ivory trade, illegal practices are more prevalent than ever before. Read on to learn more about the heartbreaking news and sign the petition telling Chinese President Xi Jinping to stop imports of elephant tusks and rhino horns. — Global Animal