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Monthly Archives: January 2013

California Biotech Facility Hoards 841 Goats

(ANIMAL WELFARE) Santa Cruz Biotechnology, a supplier of antibodies to molecular biology labs worldwide, has somehow managed to hide away 841 unreported goats at their "remote barn" for biological exploitation. A tip-off led inspectors to locate the barn which held the animals, some of whom were “lame, anaemic or had protruding bones." While most research institutions are familiar with mice, goats are seen as good sources due to their ability to generate more antibodies and have a longer lifespan. Read more to learn about this irresponsible facility and why these goats have been unsafely hoarded for their antibodies. — Global Animal

Touchdown! Ten Delicious Vegetarian Super Bowl Recipes

(VEGAN/VEGETARIAN LIFESTYLE) A little extra good karma never hurt anyone, especially on Super Bowl weekend! So why not try one of these yummy vegetarian recipes as you root for your favorite team. Read on for ten delicious meat-free recipes! — Global Animal

Cat Does Not Want To Be Unpacked

(ANIMAL VIDEO) One absolute truth: cats love boxes. — Global Animal

Deaf Dog Feels The Blues

(ANIMAL VIDEO) Winston is a two-year-old deaf English Bulldog rescue who, despite a clean tail, loves to scoot. — Global Animal

Fluffy Fox Makes Funny Faces

(ANIMAL VIDEO) Caution: Anya and her furry face might be too cute to handle. — Global Animal

900 Dolphins Slaughtered In Retaliation

(OCEANS) Villagers in the Solomon Islands have slaughtered up to 900 dolphins in retaliation for a payment dispute with the non-profit conservation group Earth Island Institute (EII). The Berkeley-based group had supposedly promised the Fanalei villagers on the island of Malaita $2.4 million Solomon Island Dollars (about $335,000 USD) to stop hunting and selling dolphins and dolphin products, however the islanders claim they only received $700,000. The mass slaughter reportedly occurred after villagers refused to renew a memorandum of understanding with EII that expired in April of last year, however EII director Lawrence Makili claims that after $300,000 was invested amongst individual communities, one group seized the remaining funds without distributing them. Read on to learn more about the unfortunate news and sign the petition demanding the maximum sentence for these villagers as well as the petition urging the Solomon Islands to keep their promise to ban the capture and export of bottlenose dolphins. — Global Animal

NIH Retiring 86% Of Research Chimps

(ANIMAL RESEARCH) In a move that would nearly put an end to government research on chimpanzees as soon as this March, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) is proposing to retire all but 50 of the remaining 360 chimpanzees currently being used for federally funded research. The panel has recommended phasing out all current biomedical research grants involving research chimps, banning chimpanzee breeding, and retiring the chimps to sanctuaries such as Chimp Haven—the only sanctuary that receives government funding to care for government owned chimps. Read on to learn more about this victory and, while the NIH is currently accepting public comments on the matter, be sure to make your voice heard. — Global Animal

Abusive Roadside Zoo Denied License

(ANIMAL NEWS) Jambbas Ranch Tours, located in Fayetteville, North Carolina, is a self-proclaimed "natural zoo" that has been under fire from PETA and the Animal Legal Defense Fund for quite some time. The animals suffering in this facility have been forced to endure unsanitary conditions, hazardous enclosures, inadequate veterinary care, and insufficient quantities of food and potable water. Thankfully, a court ruling has overturned the USDA's motion to discharge a lawsuit against the agency which contained a decision to renew Jambbas Ranch Tours' license. Read more about this victory below. — Global Animal

Making Their Mark: Activists Brand Themselves

(ANIMAL ACTIVISM) In an attempt to portray the pain that dairy cattle endure during branding, animal activists and protesters are now branding themselves publicly with the number 269. The number represents a tribute to a calf they encountered on a farm. Becky Folkard, the woman who will be performing the branding, states, "If one person goes away and researches a vegan lifestyle because of this, it will have been worth it." PETA approves of Folkard and her protest, which will take place on March 31 in central London. Read on to learn more about the activists' bold efforts. Does human branding push animal rights too far? Let us know what you think in the comments below. — Global Animal

Meet Nikita, The Cutest Kitten Ever

(ANIMAL VIDEO) This rescued kitten was adopted at a young age, and her people had to hand-feed her. — Global Animal

Rescued Kitten Learns To Walk On Two Legs (VIDEO)

(TOUCHING TALE) Four-month-old rescue kitten Harvey has been given a new lease on life despite being born with bones missing from his front legs due to a rare condition called Radial Agenesis. The floppy feline was fortunately saved from a cruel owner and eventually turned over to the Glasgow, Scotland, branch of U.K. animal charity Cats Protection. Thanks to the charity's efforts, Harvey is now awaiting an operation to replace the bones with metal pins and will be placed in a "forever home" once he recovers. Read on to learn more about this heartwarming touching tale! — Global Animal

Hungry Hamster Stuffs His Cheeks

(ANIMAL VIDEO) Let the battle of hamster vs. pretzel stick begin! — Global Animal

Elephant Poachers Given Weapons

(POACHING) Back in November, The New York Times reported that the army chief of Democratic Republic of Congo was suspended over claims he sold weapons to armed groups and elephant poachers, as the government said they had captured a string of towns in eastern Congo, including Goma, a provincial capital, raising serious questions about the stability of this vast and often-troubled country. While Congo's Army has been infamously corrupt for decades, the Congolese government suspended the chief of staff of ground control after a UN investigation found that he had been running a criminal network which supplied ammunition to elephant poachers and other violent groups. Top elephant researchers in the Congo have suggested that the “Congolese military are implicated in almost all elephant poaching,” making the military “the main perpetrator of illegal elephant killing” in Congo. Click the link below for more information regarding this ongoing issue. — Global Animal

Horse Meat Found In Burgers

(FACTORY FARMING) A recent survey conducted by Ireland’s food safety authority (FSAI) has found traces of horse meat and DNA as well as pig DNA in hamburgers sold at supermarkets in Ireland and the UK. The food safety group randomly inspected 27 "beef" products, with 10 of which containing horse DNA and 23 with pig DNA. In addition, in one sample, horse meat accounted for approximately 29 percent of the meat content. FSAI stresses that the products do not pose a health risk, but some experts disagree. Regardless, Ireland’s Agriculture Minister Simon Coveney called the findings “totally unacceptable.” Read on to learn more about the FSAI's concerning discovery and sign the petition to get horse meat out of hamburger in the UK. — Global Animal