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In the town of Holley, New York, the fire department is holding it’s 7th annual mass squirrel killing contest known as the “Hazzard County Squirrel Slam,” which will take place on February 15, 2013.

Red Squirrel with Baby
In the Hazzard County Squirrel Slam, many new mothers will be killed, leaving orphaned baby squirrels to eventually starve to death. Photo Credit: WordPress

The Holley Fire Department is located in the Village of Holley, in eastern Orleans County, NY. Their “tradition” of hunting squirrels has been brought to the attention of animal advocates from across the country. 

The website,, has recently posted an event that calls for people to register in the adult and youth category, meaning young children will be able to participate in this sadistic form of entertainment.

Ticket purchasers may enter as many as five squirrels for the weigh-in at the end of the day and there are prizes for the most weight murdered, as well as other drawings, including raffling off guns. Not only is this slaughter needless and senseless, all of it includes and encourages participation by children. 

Children will be encouraged to take up guns and kill harmless squirrels for entertainment, using dangerous weapons such as the .22 caliber AR-15, the assault weapon used in the tragic Sandy Hook school shootings in Connecticut last month and several other mass killings. 

Stop the Holley, New York Fire Department from the mass murder of squirrels
Stop the Holley, New York Fire Department from the mass murder of squirrels

Although it is said that this event follows all the hunting rules by the state of the New York, it does not mean that just because it is legal, it is also morally right.

Furthermore, because February marks the beginning of squirrel birthing season, the result of this event will leave many orphaned squirrels to starve to death. We ask that you cancel this event and teach children compassion, not senseless killing and animal cruelty.

There are now three petitions in circulation that you can sign to help put an end to this senseless fundraiser. Please click the Take Action Mouse on the left as well as this link petitioning the Mayor of Holley, NY and this additional link which does the same. 




  1. I suggest that you move the hunt to Rochester. Area of Rochester are so infested with squirrels that I have kicked them out of the way to enter my home. The do thousands of dollars of damage to my houses and are a real pain. Please come to my are and have at it.

  2. How does a school shooting have anything to do with squirrels? The "assault weapon" you are talking about takes ammunition that is only an inch long. It being name an "AR-15" means absolutely nothing. It is purely a stylistic change to a gun that otherwise looks like your stereotypical hunting rifle. As far as the squirrels go, its hunting, get over it. It is a legal event and your opinion literally does not matter to the people in Holley, NY. I live near the town and these people are probably laughing at all of you while they sight their guns in.

  3. ROFLMAO, I'd rather put money into rehabbing the baby tree rats. Seems they have a better chance of evolving than the children of Holley, NY with parents like you. I've been to Holley…not sure what you're so dang proud of. Just sayin'.

  4. Maggie Morey I second that squirrels ARE having babies in February. They do not follow the human rules that say they are not to have babies until March so hunters can kill squirrels legally! Even IF they did follow the rules, the largest squirrel killed to get a prize would most likely be a pregnant one getting ready to birth when they are told!!

  5. Game management should be left to conservationists. There is nothing wrong with a little squirrel hunting. Hunters buy hunting licenses, the funding generated is used to purchase land and improve habitat for squirrels and all other wildlife. Hunters pay an extra tax on all ammunition, firearms, and other equipment which generates millions more which is given back to state conservation agencies for the same purpose. What have animal rights activists ever done for wildlife? Most anti-hunters don't realize the posssitive impact hunters make on the environment. There are over 1.5 million acres of state game lands in my state of Pennsylvania alone. They are open to hikers, bikers, and horse riders year round, and the work the state game commission does to improve the habitat within the game lands makes them tremendous places to see squirrels, turkey, bears, deer, songbirds, and other wildlife. I saw my first porcupine and mink last year on state game lands. Amazing experiences both, and not possible without hunter dollars spent decades ago to permanently protect those valuable lands. Just another perspective…