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In the animal news world, Kristen Bell is mostly known for her adorable reaction to sloths. However, the actress is now getting involved with a more serious issue.

Since announcing that she’s expecting her first baby, Bell has decided to help some less fortunate mothers. The Forgetting Sarah Marshall star has teamed up with the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), and penned a letter to Neil Dierks, the CEO of the National Pork Producers Council, asking to end the cruel practice of gestation crates. 

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Gestation crates are two feet wide and seven feet long metal-side stalls where pregnant sows spend years not being able to move. After they give birth and their piglets are taken away from them, they are impregnated again, and the gruesome cycle continues for their entire life span. The crates have such a limited range of motion that all the sows can do is just flop on their side. 

Let the National Pork Producers Council know that you don’t support the suffering of any mother!

The HSUS has done a great deal to expose the brutality of  gestation crates and help pass anti-gestation crate laws in nine states. But unfortunately many factory farms are still stuck in their antiquated ways and refuse to trade in for a more humane approach.

Bell writes, “Regardless of what our individual diets might be, one thing all Americans can agree on is that pigs deserve better than these gestation crates. They’re cruel, inhumane, and totally out of whack with people’s values about how we ought to treat animals.”

Many women know how hard it is to be pregnant for nine months even when you’re in an ideal situation. These sows are treated like breeding machines. Help end their suffering by sending a message to The National Pork Board urging them to end this senseless cruelty.