(OCEANS/DOLPHINS) A bottlenose dolphin found himself stuck with a hook and a fishing line in his pectoral fin. Fortunately, the clever mammal knew how to ask for help. The dolphin continued swimming around a group of divers who were on a night swim off Kona on January 11, until they took notice of his condition and helped him. The divers were watching manta rays feeding on plankton when the dolphin started circling around them.

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Martina Wing, the woman who shot the footage said, “The animal clearly asks for help. The dolphin stayed for about seven-eight minutes…The rescue team were professional divers that have thousands of hours under water at this location. We have helped Manta Rays with entanglement and removing fish hooks many times, so when the dolphin showed its need, the rescuer knew exactly what to do.”

Unfortunately situations like this one are not a rare occurrence. Tens of thousands of marine species are killed every year due to ocean debris. It’s important to remember to recycle and minimize  your use of plastic to make sure our oceans and its residents remain safe and clean.

Watch the video below the see how the divers helped the dolphin.

— Sonia Horon, exclusive to Global Animal