Sonia Horon, Global Animal

Scooter, the adorable pit bull that was used as a robbery dog, is now a breed ambassador. After her caretaker was arrested for robbery, in which he used Scooter as a weapon, she was taken to Multnomah County Animal Services where they searched for resources to rehabilitate her.

Scooter was already very friendly to begin with, but the shelter wanted to make her adoption-ready so they enlisted Born Again Pit Bull Rescue (BAPBR) for help. 

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Scooter in training. Photo credit:

After passing her certification to become an official therapy dog Scooter also got a “predictable” certficate which enables her to go to hospitals and other environments.

Her new caretaker Kris Beattie describes the experience as a very positive one. 

“Scooter is a big hit with the staff and the security people. We visit in the same-day surgery waiting area, also in the cancer center radiation therapy center. There are always at least a few people to see.”

It’s unclear wether Scooter will continue her work as a therapy dog or if she’ll retire early. 

Kris Beattie says, “I’m not sure how Scooter will do in the long run. She loves her family, is happy to be pleasant to strangers, but is not really interested in them. We’ll see how next month’s visits go, and if she is still rather bored by it all, she may ‘retire’.”