Mutilated Dog Makes Touching Recovery

Sonia Horon, Global Animal

A dog who was reportedly mutilated by drug traffickers in Mexico City can now happily run and play again. Pay de Limon, or Lemon Pie, as he was adorably named by his caretakers, is recovering at Milagros Caninos (Canine Miracles) where he received a new pair of prosthetic front legs. 

mexico dog
Lemon Pie is able to walk again thanks to his prosthetic legs.

Patricia Ruiz, owner of the sanctuary, says Lemon Pie, a belgian shepherd mix, was discarded in the trash after drug traffickers cut off his front paws to practice for future human victims. Milagros Caninos raised 6 thousand dollars in order to give Lemon Pie a chance at a normal life again. He is now able to run around with the other dogs.

Milagros Caninos is home to 128 dogs. The shelter houses dogs in extreme health conditions such cancer, blindness, paralysis, burns, and tortured dogs. The shelter prides itself in being cage free, saying they are not a “jail,” and that, “no dog is tied or confined. All live freely, as [all have] already suffered enough in the street or in their own homes.”

The shelter also allows people with special needs to come in and bond with the animals. “People who can benefit from the care and love of animals. We open our doors to people with down syndrome, cerebral palsy, street children and elderly people…Sharing time with them, throw the ball, brush them, bathe them, feed them or just pet them, make this therapy is reciprocal.” (Google translation.)

This shelter, which runs mostly on volunteers, really raises the bar for other shelters. They have turned so many tragedies into something positive, and for that, we applaud their efforts. Watch the video below to witness the important role Milagros Caninos made in just one dog’s life.