Betty White’s Birthday Wish To Save Animals

(ANIMAL ACTIVIST) Today, in honor of her 91st birthday, Betty White is once again asking friends and fans to donate to the Morris Animal Foundation in lieu of gifts. This year, in an attempt to garner $10,000 for the organization she has been a part of for over 40 years, the Golden Girl published her birthday wish in a letter to the public on the Huffington Post. Read the letter below and make sure to wish this beaming animal advocate a very happy birthday! — Global Animal
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Dear Friends,

Animals are near and dear to my heart, and I’ve devoted my life to trying to improve their lives. Since a girl like me already has more than I could hope for, I’m asking fellow animal lovers for a special birthday gift this year. To help celebrate my 91st birthday on January 17, please help me raise $10,000 for Morris Animal Foundation.

I’ve worked with Morris Animal Foundation for more than 40 years now, and I’m so proud of all they’ve done to advance veterinary medicine for animals worldwide. This year, the Foundation will celebrate its 65th anniversary (still quite a youngster if you ask me!). Since its founding, Morris Animal Foundation has invested more than $70 million toward more than 2,000 health studies for dogs, cats, horses and hundreds of wildlife species, including my favorite: the California sea otter!

These studies have led to significant breakthroughs in diagnostics, treatments, preventions and cures for animals. Some of the breakthroughs funded through the Foundation have even become gold standards in veterinary care.

If you love animals like I do, please make a gift to Morris Animal Foundation today, and then ask five of your friends to support science that will make the world a brighter place for animals. If you can’t give now, please considering sharing this page with your animal-loving friends. It would make a golden girl like me very happy!

Yours truly,

Betty White
Morris Animal Foundation
President Emeriti & Trustee

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