(FARM) Last week, the Washington Humane Society came to the rescue of 106 fuzzy chicks who, thanks to a shipping error, were recently waylaid at a post office in Northeast D.C. The ownership of the baby Rhode Island Reds—who were initially destined for Blountsville, Alabama—was eventually transferred to the D.C. Post Office over concern that the chicks would not survive another trip. The chicks were then wisely relayed to the Washington Humane Center who provided them with heating lamps, blankets, food, and water until moving to their new home alongside our friends at Farm Sanctuary in New York. Read on to learn more about this heartwarming rescue story and watch the video below. — Global Animal
Photo Credit: Washington Humane Society
Photo Credit: Washington Humane Society

Washington Humane Society, ChristieLyn Diller

On January 4, the United States Postal Service had a big little issue – 106 little issues, to be exact. In a shipment gone awry, 106 baby Rhode Island Red chickens destined for Blountsville, Alabama ended up in Washington, DC instead. Knowing that the chicks would not survive an additional trip down to their predetermined destination, the shipper transferred ownership of the chicks to the Post Office.

What’s a Post Office to do with more than 100 chicks? Call the Washington Humane Society Animal Care & Control Facility, of course! Director of Animal Control Field Services Raymond Noll and Animal Care & Control Corporal Shawn Covington were quickly en route for a fuzzy and feathered rescue. 

It was all hands on deck when the box of chicks arrived at our New York Avenue Adoption Center. Staff sprang into action, crafting a make shift home for the days-old babies equipped with heating blankets and lamps. A special meal was swiftly mixed up and served with fresh water, satisfying their inevitable hunger and thirst after days without nourishment in a shipping crate. Our next step was integral for the chicks survival – finding them an appropriate and loving home.

In Washington, DC, Animal Control Code makes private ownership of these animals illegal. As with prior chicken and rooster rescues, the search was on to find a suitable home for all of the birds, outside of city limits.

Without haste, Senior Humane Law Enforcement Officer Dan D’Eramo picked up the phone and gave a call to his former employers, our friends at Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glenn, New York. On January 8, Farm Sanctuary staff came to the rescue. They drove more than five hours to DC on a mission to save every single one of the chicks. With expert care and attention, Farm Sanctuary staff loaded each baby into their rescue van, as they prepared for their journey north.

WHS is proud to report that the chicks are now safely at their new home, a vast and beautiful farm in the picturesque Finger Lakes region of Upstate New York. Thanks to quick acting Officers and an outstanding partnership with Farm Sanctuary, this rescue is just one more example of our commitment to saving lives – no matter how small, or how many.

“100 rescued chicks enjoy their arrival at the Melrose Small Animal Hospital at our New York sanctuary. Welcome, friends!” Watch the heartwarming video below:

For more information about Farm Sanctuary, visit http://www.farmsanctuary.org/.

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