Animal History Museum Features Global Animal

Photo Credit: Animal History Museum
Photo Credit: Animal History Museum

Lauren Melella, Global Animal

We are happy to announce that we have teamed up with the Animal History Museum and joined their ever-growing online library!

Like Global Animal, the Animal History Museum presents an open forum for differing opinions within the animal community, sparking interest and open-minded engagement amongst an expansive network of animal lovers.

The Animal History Museum is the first museum dedicated to understanding and celebrating the relationship between both humans and animals. Its purpose is to serve and educate the public through the creation of a museum in Los Angeles County, California, for the collection, preservation and exploration of the history, culture, science and law relating to the relationship between human and non-human animals; by presenting exhibitions, lectures and other activities that are consistent with, and supportive of, the museum’s educational goals and purpose.

Since the website launch in January 2012, they’ve been successful in launching a small-but-growing online gallery and library. They have also built a Facebook and Twitter base of nearly 5,000 followers and assembled a team of two dozen scholars, authors, artists and other professionals from around the English-speaking world to serve on our advisory council, as exhibit developers and more.

As for 2013, The Animal History Museum plans to further its online art galleries and library database. They hope to grow a broad-based collection of offerings, and Global Animal is happy to be the first online animal news magazine in their collection of sources.

Photo Credit: Animal History Museum
Photo Credit: Animal History Museum

They will be holding their first official event, an inaugural fundraiser, later this month as they formally kick-off their fundraising campaign to work toward an official brick-and-mortar space. To those of you in the Los Angeles area, they invite you to come hear about their plans, ask questions and celebrate as they formally kick off our 2013 fundraising campaign. The event will take place at the Armory Center for the Arts in Pasadena. If you’d like to get involved in the creation of one of the most unique and animal informative museums, click here.

The planned museum includes many new and exciting exhibits bound to be compelling to any animal lover. These permanent exhibitions will examine the complex relationship between humans and animals, animals & intelligence, the history of animals in society, animals in art, in literature, in TV & film, in pop culture, the development of animal welfare, rights and law, animals & religion, as well as vegetarian/vegan food trends. We also plan to develop rotating exhibits, and hope to host films, lectures and someday even conferences.

As for now, be sure to check out their website at