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Monthly Archives: December 2012

Boycott The Olsen Twins Cruel Croc Backpack

(TAKE ACTION) The Olsen twins—or the "Trollsens" as PETA calls them—are at it again. Once America's sweethearts, the fur-toting has-beens are onto their next cruel creation: a $55,000 backpack made of black patent leather from Nile crocodiles. However, this isn't the first animal to die for their fashion collection, The Row—or what is often referred to as their "Full House of Horrors." Last year, Mary-Kate and Ashley created a $39,000 alligator handbag for their line, and in June, they released a $17,000 patchwork fur backpack. Read on to learn more about the Olsen's apparent disregard for animal welfare and take a stand to help animals: Boycott their products until they agree to go fur-free! — Global Animal

Like Soldiers, Dogs Suffer From PTSD

(MILITARY DOGS) Within the past two years, it has been discovered that human soldiers are not the only beings that can suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder—an anxiety/mental health problem caused by experiencing a traumatic event. Walter Burghardt Jr., chief of behavioral medicine and military working-dog studies at Lackland, the training headquarters for military dogs, estimates that ten percent of canines deported to Iraq and Afghanistan return as victims of PTSD. Continue reading to learn about the unfortunate effects of combat on animals forced onto the battlefield. — Global Animal 

Advocates Fight To “Keep Cows On Grass”

(FARM) In October, the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) launched "Keep Cows on Grass," its first Europe-wide, ongoing campaign calling for an end to industrial dairy farming. The WSPA, along with Ben & Jerry's and Compassion in World Farmingwant to bring attention to the fact that cows are vanishing from the rolling pastures of the European landscape. The WSPA is asking consumers to put pressure on retailers by asking questions about the origins of their milk and the welfare of the animals that supply it. By doing this, we can support for this "Better Dairy"  campaign for humane, sustainable, pasture-based systems as well as counter the spread of the burgeoning myth that, as one dairy representative told a BBC reporter, "cows do not belong in fields." Read on for more information regarding the growth of industrial "mega dairies." — Global Animal

English Bulldog Puppy Takes A Nap

(ANIMAL VIDEO) The cutest English Bulldog puppy ever! Susie Q is somewhere in dream land. — Global Animal

Puppies Provide Stress Relief

(HEALTHY LIVING) CANADA — Stress can take a serious toll on one's body, and students facing end of the year examinations can attest to this. Thankfully, Dalhousie University is guardian of a participating therapy dog, says that "just petting a dog will decrease your blood pressure and relieve anxiety." Read on to learn more about this original solution and its adorable participants. — Global Animal

Dolphin Mistakes Child’s Hand For Treats (VIDEO)

(SEA WORLD) ORLANDO — Feeding bottlenose dolphins at a SeaWorld attraction turned frightening for an eight-year-old girl on Sunday after a dolphin actually lunged at her to grab a treat and accidentally bit her hand. The girl's family faults SeaWorld for insufficient warnings and claims that the park's representatives "trivialized the attack," while others blame the park for lax supervision, suggesting that SeaWorld provide better protocols such as age restrictions for the "Dolphin Encounter" program. A SeaWorld spokeswoman defended the attraction, claiming the girl didn't follow "specific instructions" to prevent such incidents. However, this is not the first time a child has been bitten at the "Dolphin Encounter" attraction. In fact, similar events occurred twice in 2006. Although dolphins are arguably the friendliest species in the animal kingdom, accidents can and do happen. The truth is: wild animals do not belong in tanks and, honestly, should only be feeding themselves. The girl's mother was filming the family's initially fun-filled afternoon and caught the event on tape. Watch the video below and read on for more about the issues surrounding the unfortunate accident. — Global Animal

Mama Crow Feeds Cat & Dog

(ANIMAL VIDEO) Cha Cha the crow feeds Kitten and Skye. Looks like these pets have it made! — Global Animal

Bird Karaoke

(ANIMAL VIDEO) Cosmo teaches himself how to sing "Low" by Flo Rida. — Global Animal

Research Wolves Killed In Yellowstone Hunts

(WOLVES) Since wolves were removed from the Endangered Species List in 2011—despite the fact that only 4,000 exist in the wild—wolf populations are quickly disappearing from the Northwestern United States. This fall, for the first time in decades, Wyoming ruled that wolves can be hunted anywhere within the state's borders. And while seven of the 10 hunted wolves in the Yellowstone Park region were wearing research collars, wildlife advocates are growing concerned that these wolf hunts are becoming "an issue of the viability of wildlife science" as they are detrimental to costly scientific studies that provide useful data on wolf behavior and biology. Read on to learn more about this nearly two-decade standoff between wolf hunters and animal advocates. — Global Animal

Cat Is A Zen Master

(ANIMAL VIDEO) This cat is an original Buddha! — Global Animal