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Air Canada Bans Shipment Of Primates

(ANIMAL TESTING) The Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) has finally permitted Air Canada to ban shipments of primates destined for laboratories. In its lengthy decision, the CTA points out that the airline received "over 47,000 letters from the public protesting its practice of transporting non-human primates for research purposes" and that Air Canada "cannot ignore the overwhelming volume of letters in opposition to the transport of non-human primates destined for research." Although this is a major victory, there are still a few remaining airlines like United that are willing to ship primates to research labs. Take action and sign the petition urging airlines to stop transporting primates to laboratories. — Global Animal

Kitten & Great Dane: BFFs

(ANIMAL VIDEO) Just because Great Danes are big doesn't mean they don't have a cuddly, nurturing side. — Global Animal

My Planet, My Part: See Polar Bears In The Wild

(ANIMAL CONSERVATION) Polar Bears International, the world's largest organization dedicated to conserving polar bears, has recently launched a new initiative. In the midst of "polar bear migration season," when ice reforms and the bears can return to hunting, PBI has debuted their online community My Planet, My Part. The communal site gives animal lovers and polar bear enthusiasts access to information about the species as well as how to help preserve their habitat. Visitors can interact with conservation experts, watch live HD videos of polar bears in the tundras of Canada, discover how to reduce their carbon footprint and learn about climate changes. In honor of the site's debut, PBI is hosting a contest to find the next "polar bear ambassador" who will win a trip to see polar bears in Canada. Continue reading to learn how you can enter. — Global Animal 

Cat Says Please Don’t Go

(ANIMAL VIDEO) This kitten has some serious separation anxiety! — Global Animal

Justin Bieber’s Cruel Hamster Giveaway

(CELEBRITY PETS) Teenage pop sensation Justin Bieber has upset animal rights activists after he recently gave away his pet hamster to a screaming fan. Last week, the "As Long As You Love Me" singer thrilled a young girl at the Atlanta holiday music festival, Jingle Ball, after he handed her a cage containing his beloved furry pal named Pac. Officials at the California Hamster Association (CHA) believe Bieber was cruel in giving away his pet, claiming the right thing to do would have been to leave Pac in the care of an animal shelter. Read on to learn more about the bizarre exchange. — Global Animal

Cutest Pomeranian Puppies Ever

(ANIMAL VIDEO) If you are tinier than a Sierra Mist, you are certifiably adorable. — Global Animal

Ohio Court Upholds New Exotic Pet Law

(EXOTIC PETS) OHIO — On Thursday, U.S. District Court Judge George Smith ruled to uphold Ohio's new restrictions on exotic pets after several exotic animal owners sued the state over the law, which was enacted after a Zanesville man released 48 of his exotics before committing suicide last year. The federal judge sided with the state, claiming exotic pet owners and breeders failed to prove that their constitutional rights were violated. Ultimately, the court said the law is in the best interest of the public and public safety. Read on to learn about the details of the three-day trial testimony. — Global Animal

Disco The Parakeet

(ANIMAL VIDEO) "Nobody puts baby bird in the corner!" — Global Animal

Baby-Snatching Eagle Video A Hoax

(ANIMAL VIDEO) A terrifying YouTube video seen by millions this week has proven to be a complete hoax. The video entitled "Golden Eagle Snatches Kid" features a horrifying sight: an eagle swooping down from the sky to snatch a small child sitting in the grass, just a few feet away from the parent. The eagle drops the child a few seconds later and flies away while shocked bystanders run to the aid of the traumatized child. The video has garnered over 18 million views, spurring much speculation and skepticism. And as it turns out, the skeptics were right. A 3-D animation school in Montreal admitted the video is in fact a fabrication and released a statement yesterday reassuring the public that there is no danger of being snatched by an eagle. Read on to learn more and watch the video for yourself. — Global Animal

Dogs Worried About The Apocalypse (GALLERY)

(DOG PICTURES) With the supposed "end of the world" right around the corner, here are some pups who are in serious need of some peace of mind. — Global Animal

Pet Sitting Sites Help Holiday Travelers

(PETS) Many traveling pet guardians scramble to find safe places to leave their furry friends during the holidays. Thankfully, new online sites are proving to be useful resources in assisting with this search. These innovative sites, such as, provide extensive listings of reviewed pet sitters in your area to help find the perfect pairing that will leave both you and your pet at ease. Read on to learn more about these new options and find the right fit for you! — Global Animal

Cat Hates Super Mario

(ANIMAL VIDEO) Or perhaps he thinks he is Mario? — Global Animal

Amazing Animal Discoveries In 2012

(ANIMAL DISCOVERY) The year 2012 witnessed its fair share of bizarre and strange animal discoveries. Check out a recap of ten unusual creatures that will blow your mind. — Global Animal

Minks who farmed for their fur face live in horrendous conditions and face insurmountable abuse. Photo Credit: AFP/Getty

Fur Nevermore In The Netherlands

(FUR) NETHERLANDS - The third largest producer of mink fur has just signed momentous legislation ending the cruel farming practice in the Netherlands. The Dutch Senate recently endorsed the ban of mink farming to be implemented in 2024. This new law will save the lives of millions of innocent animals and prevent the abuse of even more. We hope this legislation will inspire other nations to take similar action to end this senseless torture.  Read more to learn about this applaudable feat and its future implications. — Global Animal