Dori Edwards, Global Animal 

Polar Bears International, the world’s largest organization dedicated to conserving polar bears, has recently launched a new initiative. In the midst of “polar bear migration season,” when ice reforms and the bears can return to hunting, PBI has debuted their online community My Planet, My Part

The communal site gives animal lovers and polar bear enthusiasts access to information about the species as well as how to help preserve their habitat. Visitors can interact with conservation experts, watch live HD videos of polar bears in the tundras of Canada, discover how to reduce their carbon footprint and learn about climate changes. 

These many informative sources are all part of PBI’s educational series. The site can also be used by educators to download classroom materials.

Do you part and learn how you can reduce your carbon footprint. Photo credit: Douglas Brown via flickr
Take part and learn how you can reduce your carbon footprint. Photo credit: Douglas Brown via Flickr

In honor of My Planet, My Part’s debut in the internet database, PBI is hosting a contest to find a “Polar Bear Ambassador.” By submitting videos, photos and stories about how they have reduced their carbon footprint at home, school or in the community, individuals can enter to win a grand prize trip to Churchill, Canada where they will see polar bears in their natural habitat. 

According to PBI senior scientist Dr. Steven Amstrup, polar bears are in grave danger of extinction. The ice is essential for the bears’ survival since it is from this platform they can catch their primary source of food: seals. Unfortunately, “the sea ice is breaking up earlier in the spring, and forming later in the fall due to global warming. Forced on land, polar bears are food deprived and must live on stored energy reserves.”

Amstrup states to remember, however, that there is still hope. “By reducing greenhouse gas emissions, we can arrest the rise in temperatures and save polar bears from extinction,” he says.

With the creation of My Planet, My Part, individuals can now easily contribute to saving the polar bears from extinction by reducing their carbon footprint. The site offers a feasible way for the everyday person to help save a species. 

Watch the video below to learn more.