Alisa Manzelli, Global Animal

Teenage pop sensation Justin Bieber has upset animal rights activists after he recently gave away his pet hamster to a screaming fan.

Last week, the “As Long As You Love Me” singer thrilled a young girl at the Atlanta holiday music festival, Jingle Ball, after he handed her a cage containing his beloved furry pal named Pac, which he adopted in October.

Justin Bieber With Hamster
Photo Credit: Ecorazzi

The teen dream advised the fan to “take care” of Pac and she promised the hamster would be going to a good home.

However, officials at the California Hamster Association (CHA) believe Bieber was cruel in giving away his pet, claiming the right thing to do would have been to leave Pac in the care of an animal shelter.

A spokesperson for the group told TMZ, “(Hamsters) often succumb quickly to illness and death (when faced with) sudden environmental change…The moment that hamster was handed off to a screaming girl in a harsh, frenzied environment was likely the moment it gazed at the short path to its doom.”

Fortunately, Pac survived the ordeal and is reportedly being cared for by the 18-year-old superfan as if he were Bieber himself.

But this isn’t the first time Bieber has upset animal advocates. Back in 2011, he stirred up trouble after selling his baby boa constrictor Johnson to raise money for charity. The snake was later sold and donated to the Reptile & Amphibian Discovery Zoo in Owatonna, Minnesota.

“I found it really disgusting that celebrities like Bieber would stoop to a level of using living creatures as a fashion accessory and then so easily discard it,” the winning bidder told E! Online. ”I am a huge pet and animal lover and was amazed that Mr. Bieber would actually auction off his own personal pet.”

We can only hope the Biebs will hold onto his rescued pup Baylor, who he adopted with on-again, off-again beau, singer Selena Gomez, last year.